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Edwin Muir

Edwin Muir Poems

The Horses

Barely a twelvemonth after
The seven days war that put the world to sleep,
Late in the evening the strange horses came.
By then we had made our covenant with silence,

The Castle

All through that summer at ease we lay,
And daily from the turret wall
We watched the mowers in the hay
And the enemy half a mile away


O Merlin in your crystal cave
Deep in the diamond of the day,
Will there ever be a singer
Whose music will smooth away

Scotland's Winter

Now the ice lays its smooth claws on the sill,
The sun looks from the hill
Helmed in his winter casket,
And sweeps his arctic sword across the sky.

The Good Man In Hell

If a good man were ever housed in Hell
By needful error of the qualities,
Perhaps to prove the rule or shame the devil,
Or speak the truth only a stranger sees,

Edwin Muir Comments

J Deakin 04 October 2009

I cannot make a comment about Edwin Muir if I cannot read his poem! !

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edwin muir 15 February 2020

no warfar can tackle human greed

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Mein Hauptinteresse an diesen Gedicht Muirs gilt v a dem hierin ggf erkennbaren Einfluss der Trilogie des Wiener Autoren mosaischer Provenienz Broch DIE SCHLAFWANDLER und deren Thema vom Zerfall der Werte, wie in den Einschüben erkennbar

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I am particularly still interested in exactly that poem especially since I do consider its title already to mirror the age Muir used to live in - with anything changing especially in First World War´s aftermath and ere World War II´s outbreak just like aftermath

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Penis Willy 10 September 2013

it would help if you had eyes

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J Deakin 04 October 2009

I cannot make a comment about Edwin Muir if I cannot read his poem! !

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Edwin Muir was an Orcadian poet, novelist and noted translator. Remembered for his deeply felt and vivid poetry in plain, unostentatious language with few stylistic preoccupations, Muir is a significant modern poet.


Muir was born in Deerness, where his mother was also born, at Hacco, remembered in his autobiography as "Haco ...

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