In My Heart Poem by Quincy Moses

In My Heart

Rating: 4.5

These feelings i nurse, i can't explain,
They say men don't cry but am in pain,
Tears trying to drop from my eyes, i can't hold it again,
Pouring out my heart isn't like me, am i insane?
Pulling out my belt and looking at the fan i should refrain,
These feelings i nurse, leaves me in pain.

These feelings i nurse, am trying to be brave,
The sorrow leaves my heart cleaved,
My blood gush out with rage,
Tired of feeling this low, can i take it to my grave?
I can't let the world know, i must behave,
Trapped inside my body like i am a slave,
These feelings i nurse i cannot waive.

These feelings i nurse, who has them too?
How much time do i have till its curfew?
Can it be subdued?
My heart is filled with rue,
My veins ache when am without you,
This feelings i nurse is impromptu
This feelings i nurse is in my heart,
Maybe am tired of keeping this in my heart.

Monday, December 4, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: emotional
chinonso igwe 28 February 2018

what a superb poem, though they was a little loophole in the ryme scheme, but the poem is still great

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Quincy Moses 28 February 2018

Thank you. Really apriciate

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Victor Adex 18 January 2018

awesome poem, it has a funky rhthym and tone, keep writing.

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Jesse 05 December 2017


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Rini Shibu 04 December 2017

An heart felt poem.. Feelings if expressed lessens the pain True men don't cry but they do have pain..10 Welcome to poemhunter

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Quincy Moses 05 December 2017

I really appreciate your comment.

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Jazib Kamalvi 04 December 2017

A great start with a nice poem, Chukwuebuka. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks

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