In Search Of Poem by LaRon Green Sr.

In Search Of

Rating: 5.0

Not a day goes by
that we are told so many lies
the hurt, the sorrow, the pain
until we die
We cry to no avail
only to bring back lust, misery, shame
and pain
They say be all you can be
but those are the one's
who beat you down with no degree
it's like RIP(rest in peace)
We have to learn to keep our enemies close
friends and family closer
they are the one's whom agree to disagree
meaning nothing to our hearts
that we want set free
No one knows what we go through
in our everyday lives
the love, peace, truth, freedom and justice
as well as our foundation
we scarifice
They pretend to be our heroes
only to keep us dry
like a bag of oreo cookie cereal
All to say
look within yourself
for the answer
it lead to a life
gone with the wind
to a destiny
with no end (eternal life)
All you are 'In Search Of'
is from the heart

(C) Michael Arnold 24 March 2009

Lovely poem LaRon really enjoyed the way you wrote it....And so true.

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Miriam Maia Padua 07 April 2009

very meaningful.... i love the concept....runs with depth makes our heart opens for love and peace... in search of peace it must start with unconditional love...the ways are all written here in your piece... i love the thoughts you shared here... 10++++

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Adeline Foster 31 August 2014

Ah! This life seen through the eyes of reality. Read mine - Who Am I - Adeline

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Megs Poems 26 February 2012

Indeed, well written..! your poem conveys a lot...! amazing..! keep writitng! :)

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Ravi A 30 April 2009

We blame the world for our sorrows. If you ask the world about this, it will repeat the same story as you narrate. It has become customary to blame the world rather than looking unto ourselves for our ignorance, selfishness and narrow mindedness. Are we better than the rest of the world? The entire world is only in expectation of love, kindness etc...but it doesn't offer in the first place. We may claim that we love this world but the fact is that our love is very much conditional. That is how disappointment arises out of our love.

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so true and a moving poem! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! given 10

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Tamisha Bellamy 08 April 2009

This poem moved and touched deep within my heart.

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