Happy National Superhero Day Poem by Jim Yerman

Happy National Superhero Day

When I was young I dreamed of being a superhero whenever I would play…
I might be Superman…or a knight in shining armor searching for a dragon to slay.

I dreamed of being that person who ran into a burning building and pulled a baby to safety just before she was engulfed in flames…where everyone would recognize my courage…and forever remember my name.

The heroes I grew up with…the ones who most influenced me…had to do with sports, movies, books…and the ones I saw on TV.

Abe Lincoln, Ben Franklin and John F. Kennedy were my heroes until I found…
Abe never disciplined his children, Ben abandoned his wife…and Johny fooled around.

How could my heroes not act in real life like they did in books, movies and TV?
Who would have thought my heroes were human…and flawed…just like me.

I know now I was idolizing the wrong traits in the heroes that I sought…
and that my heroes were always a lot closer and more personal than I thought.

They were the people who loved me…who supported me…whose guidance and inspiration I sought…the ones who stood by me…whether I slayed a dragon…or not.

I know now our heroes don't have to save the world…or make the winning score…
that some of our heroes can be found as close as our own front door.

Yes, now that I am older…some might say past…but I say in my prime…
I find the heroes I look up to have been with me all the time.

Although I still think it would be great to be a superhero…I now look at life more objectively…
My heroes are kind, generous and supportive people…at least they strive to be.

If I get the chance I'll save that baby before she's engulfed in flames…
but now it's only important that my family and my friends forever remember by name.

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