Thanking A Hero Poem by Jim Yerman

Thanking A Hero

Rating: 4.5

I was raised on stories of heroes…in Fairy Tales, in books, at the movies and on TV
Heroes slayed the dragons, fought the enemies and helped to keep us safe, happy and free.

Heroes had a special power…drawn from visceral source
They often came dressed in a suit of armor…on the back of a big white horse.

Heroes were tall, dark, handsome and beautiful…not one under six feet three
The heroes from my Fairy Tales didn't look at all like me!

But when I left the Fairy Tales behind…I realized not all heroes had to wear capes…
That, in fact, I'm surrounded by heroes…and they come in all sizes and shapes.

Yesterday I had a chance to thank a hero…applauding her as she headed for home
and today I get to thank her a second time…In the lines of this little poem.

Let me thank you, and all the other heroes who are slaying this dragon, this invisible enemy
Thank you for all that you do every day…to help keep the rest of us safe, happy and free.

This particular nurse I thanked was not very tall…I'm sure she was under six three
She wore a blue uniform and her face was behind a mask…but she certainly looked beautiful to me.

I applauded her special power…drawn from her visceral source…
and had to smile as she waved driving off toward the sunset
behind the wheel of her Ford Bronco…of course.

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