Small Mourning Pieces Poem by Mary Havran

Small Mourning Pieces

Rating: 4.8

No time to prepare
Shoved over cliff by sorrows
Float down now, gently

Grief comes as strong waves
Tide that never seems to ebb
Let it wash your soul

Nasty Opponent
Grief punches all breath away
Never a fair fight

No time for Heroes
Pain strips away a brave face
Wear no mask for now

Heavy stones of grief
Lighten them with memories
Friendships ease the load

Recipe for grief
Fold laughter into sorrow
Make a grief soufflé

Someone, unseen, cares
Patting shoulder from afar
Dwell in gentle thoughts

Some point you forward
Others put words in your mouth
Follow your own voice

Walking in grief's field
Plant dark flowers in the ground
Teardrops are the rains

Morning light is harsh
Wander away from sadness
Dreams infuse the night

Peter Cyril Riloskovic 01 November 2007

This words has power.

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Ted Ednar 10 November 2007

Nicely done. I am impressed.

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Robert Gentry 03 December 2007

Soft floating voyage through some of the elements of grief.

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kenneth william snow 01 January 2008

my initial impression...Wow! as one who has dabbled in threading haiku I can appreciate the effort necessary to craft such a compelling piece. I am in awe of the result. peace, kenneth

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James Walbourne 15 January 2008

Very fine, laced with bittersweet poignancy

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Jenna Thomas 13 November 2009

I couldn't put a title to all my feelings....until I read your poem. Thank you for sharing.

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Janice Wabencki 29 March 2008

So gentle it is very comforting.

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Coreena Dejesus 10 March 2008

Another great poem, Mary you have a way with expression! Good WRITE!

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Anja Meijer 04 February 2008

As one who is grieving a recent loss I find great comfort in this poem. Most of all I find these words marvelous to contemplate: Someone, unseen, cares Patting shoulder from afar Dwell in gentle thoughts Thank you

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V F 24 January 2008

You have a unique style of writing and come up with such novel thoughts.. Recipe for grief..Fold laughter into sorrow.. Make a grief souffle........ Thanks..

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