India Modified(In Praise Of Narendra Modi) Poem by Trailakya Roy

India Modified(In Praise Of Narendra Modi)

Perhaps neither was nor will be
A pillar of states like thee,
With a heart that can feel for all,
So You gave the clarion call.
To millions and millions of this land,
Sent through air -on sky, water or sand,
With a will strong and pure,
To bring a change, sure
Within nerves and veins
Killing the germ that reigns,
Spoiling the worms of heart
That lies scattered to row dirt
In the minds who want to shine
Like cancer destroying good and fine.

You united us again,
Here where did reign
The whites, centuries in glee
When we were united, they did flee.
To the masses of different gods,
Colours, creeds, castes and lots.
Through fire and force, a surprise
Crossing the borders before sun rise.
Killing the enemies that always bark,
Making holes in their hearts in dark.
Perhaps they learnt a lot,
Do it again if they not.

You, the magician of this land
What do you do that they can't
Utter fouls on you as they did
Before you took that Seat
Why do you spend sleepless night?
None for but to bring back the right
Upon this old land, pride of all
So you gave the clarion call.
Terribly we need that at this hour,
Upon this dark land like a shower,
That lies unswept for no terms
Breeding fast, worms and germs.

You, the pioneer give the call,
To the masses that includes all.
To look through the lens of the Old man
To come forward that we easily can-
Clean the home and to rear
A habit to speak truth, not fear
Clean the mind, that may become a victim of ill
So it can hear the music of diversity at left or right
Ringing across the globe, like a star shining bright.

You, the discoverer dreamt of a new dawn
So you moved the earth like a fawn.
Neither to enjoy nor for fashion
But tried to build a nation
Among all with head high
We hoped best, goal was nigh
You're right they all did say
But One stopped us to gay.

Still we cherish the Ullyssesean dream-
Never to yield, made fine cream
To celebrate what we deserve
With burning crackers that we preserve.

Be that what you are, may allow He
NaMo, NaMo, NaMo- Long live thee.

Trailakya Roy

Trailakya Roy

Jalpaiguri, West Bengal
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