Pamela Plachno

Indifferent. - Poem by Pamela Plachno

She asks me.
Sweaty palms, along with a nervous look.
Middle of magnifying glass.
Their stares make her crumble.
She holds her man’s hand.
I look at her.
Blank expression.

Age’s not a factor.
She thinks, and tries to be brave.
Looks to her husband.
Seems 20 years was just a number.
The gap of ages
Between his and hers.

Why then
Passers look at disgust
As they hold onto each other?

Why then
The skin of brown and white
Make them

Shaking heads.
Racist remarks.
The couple held their ground.
Heads, chins to the sky.
Enclosed hands.

She taught me to persevere.
Taught me to ignore
Their own ignorance.

But now
It’s my turn to ask.

I ask myself
They are blinded with their own obscurity
Their words like poison to my ears
Until I grow deaf.

They cannot see
The tender and loving touch
Of another.
Nor the growing compassion
Between two.

But instead
They slash us
Leaving scars for everyone to see
Making their mark.

I look at her
I see her
But she cannot see me.
Only the image of me.

That’s all.

She grates me with her words

Same as them.

She tells me to stop
My love.

Same as them

She tells me to pretend
To hide.

Same as them

Love has no shape.
Nor gender.

I look at her and put on a show.
An actress to a play I never auditioned.

Does she like me now?
I’m scared of missing a line.
The spotlight’s on me.
Eyes on me.

I want to get off the stage
It’s endless.

Does she like me now?
Must be working.
This act of mine.
I see her smile.
But I fake the smile.


Told me to persevere
But now
Tell me to bend down on my knees
And bow.

Told me to have strength
Only to try to take it away from me.
I want it back.

Told me to ignore
Only to hold me down
And look towards them and listen.

The weight of their stares
I can only hold it for so long.
I’m falling apart.

What’s makes her different
from the rest of them?

I seek for her comfort
From the eyes of these predators
Only to find
She’s just one of them


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Poem Submitted: Thursday, December 3, 2009

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