Dented Fate Poem by Isaac Agyare

Dented Fate

What is this sadness of the world you talk about?
What have you felt that we have never had a feel?
What pricks and pinches your heart so madly that we have not witnessed?
Has your eye seen enough, the quagmires of this world?
Brother, relax indeed you have seen it all
Yet, you have seen nothing

The real custodians of this fortuity
Embrace it with much nobility and sanity
Not for contentment sake, but of the capriciousness of this world
Even in the full glare of your experience,
They call the bluff of you
For they are the fate they suffer themselves

Their sight complement the horror
Which you so badly dread
And their ears a twin to the news you abhor
Remember it is not contentment
But their fate has been predetermined
That they may be the forbearers of that which
Never has been their wish
For they like you would have loved to be what you envisage
But for fate,
They would have wished for an elusion
Of an ominous obscurity

They have howled in a vigil at night
And have a conferment with the oracle
But this has always ended in a nought
As all efforts have been a debacle
They had hope for better things all day
Yet all they get is nay
From the gods and lords of their fate

Make no efforts to ridicule them
They have made enough hem
As a signal to the weavers
Of the fate they uphold in tatters
For there to be a waiver
Of this ominous obscurity
Alas, it is clear
That they are the heirs
Of a gloomy fate in perpetuity

The disparity of this world is outrageous. Many people have questioned this inequality that rules the world. People have expressed their displeasure in the maker for allowing such a huge gap to come between people. People suffer different fates in their lifetime. Some leave in abject poverty, others incurable diseases and a host of privations. This poem talks about how people have tried on countless occasions to overturn their fate. Unfortunately, it cannot be undone as these fates are predetermined. The persona admonishes people not to ridicule such persons as they have invested more than enough to have their fates of suffering, poverty, sickness and other kind of misfortunes overturned in futility. To the persona, these people never wished to experience these quagmires but are forced to bear it because of their fate. Most of these people suffer such miserable fate all their life time. It is important for those who are fortunate to accept them, comfort them and also help them so they do not wallow in sorrow all day. The poem centres on themes of suffering, degree to which people suffer, discrimination, and the destiny of people.
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