Jonathan ROBIN

Freshman - 746 Points (22 September / London)

Individual Insolence - His P[l]ace Is Precious - Poem by Jonathan ROBIN

Self-esteem at sea few dreams come to be
transformed, enhanced, ensuring metamorphosis
from grub to free flight light to see
true destiny untrammelled by psychosis
where fear of fear authority
severs from soul that seeks transparency
empowering mind, unbinding, key
unlocking doors, doubts flouting, open oasis.

Spendthrift, swift second thoughts so greedy glide,
dovetail decades to centuries for waiting dead,
so few of whom dare seek inside
true soul; seed weeded, cower stillborn once hour’s sped.
Who falter, hesitate, or hide,
issues undermine, gratuitously misread,
dodge deadlines, ostrich imitate, divide
themselves from future freedom: futile chicken-head.

Priorities with force collide
with weal’s wheels steel inlaid, braid geometric tread
when feelings, mind, can’t coincide.
Run coach and horses through approach to safety wed.
Turn from temptations of soft ride
along straight road of safety, comfort, ease, well fed,
that shutters, clutter free, outside;
walls off, denies, discomfort, challenge, when all’s said.

When oligarchies petrified
pay off panhandling populace with circus bread,
repression’s often found allied
with intolerance, oversight unbiased shed.
Voice stifled, choice re-qualified
by hierarchies restrictive, equity ousted,
iconoclasts disqualified.
Monopolistic int’rests top/down hammerhead
humanity, termed thorn in side.
Justice is often misapplied by state control ghost hosted.

Distrust that moment when the tide
of Fortune, at the flood, entwines in fickle thread,
enticing, sickle Time at side,
man with her siren song: by lust, ambitions, led.
Beware all those who’d hitch their ride,
queue jump at the expense of others, snatch board, bed,
by selfishness unjustified
stirred, careless of accounts to render overhead.

Whatever reasons that decide
the insolence of the individual; bled
by fears, or blessed by wisdom wide,
or, hope denied, twisting in heat fond heart or head,
his place is precious. Don’t deride
differences that oft divide his awkward tread
from those who, superficial, slide
through life, those most behind who think themselves ahead.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

(10 October 1981 revised 4 October 2009 first verse added 22 August 2013)

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, October 14, 2006

Poem Edited: Wednesday, August 28, 2013

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