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Born London, based in Paris since 1973,

Founder-member Internet Society England
Civil Society Representative to U.K. Inter-Governmental E-Summit 2001
Advisory Board - International Cen ...

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I often have some strange and striking dreams
about an unknown girl, of love we share,
each time the same, each time a different air
about her swirls, who understands it seems.

The Accounting Of Hardship - Parody Robert Frost

Ask still less of money spent where the spender thinks it went,
for, despite reminders sent, it's too easy to invent
excuses not to find the rent.

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Those only interested in the second part explanation on differences in female/male thoughtmodes may scroll down to the highlighted couplet below:

Disappointing View - After Shel Silverstein A Point Of View

Put in's power lasts an hour,
Sad damned man's did too,
when the spell in spelling's broken -
Shah 'I ran' would rue.

It rains in my heart
as on town and on mart,
pours down longings that start
to reign in my heart!

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22 July 2017

POETRY: Openly shared articulated harmony of individual ability to channel creative soul-song AWAY from the ego

22 July 2017

LIFE: A finite succession of infinite opportunities

22 July 2017

NOISE: Signals static individuals are unaware they COULD decipher

22 July 2017

Major case prose makes minor case rose

22 July 2017

DIFFERENCES AND DEFINITIONS What is the difference beween... A sea captain and a corrupt judge? One is in charge of sailors, the other charges, sells laws. A welcome and an unwelcome guest? One stays over, the other overstays. A cross wire, and a worse crier? Telephone and phony tale. A merchant and a merchantman? One sells wares, the other wears sails. A poor singer and a harpoonist? One wails scales, the other scales whales. A gourmet and a gourmand? One eats out, the other outeats. A broker and a middleman? One deals in shares, the other shares in deals. A cheat and a forgetful person? One looks over, the other overlooks. A hunter and a coward? One fights the ducks, the other ducks the fights. Pollution and a poor sailor? One is a a sea slick, the other seasick. A salmon packer and a priest? One cans goods, the other cans Gods, they both fish. Propaganda and a bat? One lights hate, the other hates light, and both are blind. Woman of heart and woman of spirit? One ambitions caresses the other caresses ambitions. Rain is to cloudbreak what reign is to crowd break HE: 'I go out whenever I please! ' SHE: 'You please whenever you go out! '

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Doug Bentley 29 June 2020

The Vatican has its Necropolis; Poemhunter, a World Poetry Archive. Welcome & Congratulations! Intrepid Traveler you've just found one of Poemhunter's most valued, buried, treasured, chests! So, traveler less roaded, are you a Rhodes traveler too?

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M M 10 January 2012

A very talented poet, whose poems are always beautifully penned, not only through the choice of the words (mostly far beyond relevance) , but also through the thoughts these poems carry... and the sense of humour. Some of these pieces can be considered as masterpieces.

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Jack Sprat 05 January 2012

It is not surprising to find Jonathan Robin among the top hundred most popular poets on Poemhunter... and apparently he has also 10 poems ranked in the top 20 out of 4 million on allpoetry. Looking at his biography one is surprised that he finds time to write in such a diversity of traditional styles on so many subjects, both contemporary and classical. One is confused by the number of poems nominally on poemhunter - less than 1400 compared to more than two thousand in his poetry book apparently available for download. As written in one of the comments below 'This gent has experimented with every possible poetic medium out there and with exceptional results.' - one can only agree and applaud.

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p.a. noushad 04 April 2009

deep within i find a perfect blending of matter and manner, beautiful poems.

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M S 14 December 2006

There are plenty of gems scattered through this vast poetic field. This gent has experimented with every possible poetic medium out there and with exceptional results. I have found myself skipping through the long-winded verbosities and brain-teasing acrostics, but got cought on the more personable social commentaries and those that were rooted in personal experiences. But then again, chaqun a son gout. Spin the wheel and see where chance will land you, chances are you won't be disappointed.

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