Infant Baby Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

Infant Baby

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Distant cry was heard from infant baby
Left at the door and seemed very hungry
Moving hands and legs in desperate try
As if to call for mummy without any cry

It was raining whole day and the night
Dark clouds were still hovering there right
Occasional thunder burst slightly frightened
The stairway was seen clear when clouds lightened

The dogs bark had nearly threatened
We rushed to the front door and hastened
The baby was wrapped up in dirty cloths
He was hardly breathing and feared death

What a pity to feel when child is left at mercy?
Beautiful flower just sent on earth by almighty?
To have freedom of life with fine and fresh air
What a treatment to be accorded and given as fair?

We were woken up with little and faint cry
New born baby was left on ground to lye
What would have been fate if was attached?
No one would have claimed later on or staked

It is noble work to take care of infants
Some times we run and manage without grants
Yet society is fully aware of their obligations
Many people adopt child and strengthen the relation

Humanity is still alive and new born are protected
Some compulsion might have forced on them to act
Even animals do not leave their new born at mercy
Keep guard and vigil all the time to keep under safety

We are sensible but sometimes behave inhuman
Why should we involve in such acts as man or woman?
Let new born take free air and live with mother
Let us not condemn act and take responsibility to solder

Even though such acts are on rise
It does not leave us with any more surprise
It is failure or savagery act when given promises
It should have been honored instead with such misses

Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 23 December 2011

Shanmugam 2011.12.24 05: 47 beautifully written. shan Reply

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