- Insanity Of Love - Poem by Dmitriy Kokarev

- Insanity Of Love -

Rating: 2.8

He came to her, yet she did not believe in what she saw
Dare I say he did no want to frighten her
She had no life but one they for her wrote
Still she remained a mime
But in his eyes…she seemed divine
Was he a creature of her imagination?
A fairy trick that gods on her played
And on his knees he sang to her
A song of tongue unknown
With silence as the tune
And lust the instruments
In her soul he planted his seed
And no other she desired
A raving creature of the night
And her a dove of angelic pride
Her hesitation was the grave of all the magic in the air that night
She trusted not her own head, nor heart nor sense
And at thus moment to her he crawled
Through the mist and fog of godforsaken land
“Unto this stone I carved the words that from my bleeding heart spawn
With every word and every phrase to you my love
I dedicate this stone poem of lust, desire and hope”
And to her he sang the song
Of tales unimaginable to her pure perfection
Tales of devilment, love witchcraft and devotion
I cry out loud for all to hear
How much I crave and worship your mere existence
Your reflection in the darkest lake
Your heavenly complexion I protect and place under the spell of time
Still in mournful darkness I spend my nights
With nothing but the image of you in my mind
Was she flattered by his kind and passionate words?
Or was she bewildered by the atmosphere of twilight in the sky?
The butterflies and moths of the night
The snakes and spiders on the trees
The forest creatures all were present there this memorable eve
To hold witness to the birth of love
Love so pure
Love between the lonely maid and the figment of her own imagination
Was her mind moved by the tortures that she faced in life
Or was it all a dream?
Will she ever wake up
Will she find peace and sanity ever again?
No one will ever know
But one thing that was clear that night
Is that love is wicked
It ain’t kind
The mortal disease of two hearts and minds
That drives us straight into insanity
From where the road is steep
From where no exit is to be found!

Don Adamos 22 February 2008

you are so good.i kinda feel suicidal when i read it, U KNO WHAT I MEAN? rite?

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Dmitriy Kokarev

Dmitriy Kokarev

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