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Into The Land Of The Angels - Poem by Leslie Alexis

Orchestrated birds in flight
Soaring beyond the great moon
Diving into the unending abyss of heaven
Into the dorms of the angels
Where towering pillars of gold
Keep upright the ceiling of diamonds
Cut to flawless perfection -
Giving the illusion of stars.

Welcoming me are Heaven's guards
That stand at the Gate of paradise.
It's as immense as many worlds.
Heaven thunders each time it opens.

Many Immortal flowers give bloom
Their scents, aged like pure wines,
Fill the Heavens with their perfumes;
Bees come to them for their nectars;
On landing they stand still in wonder,
For the taste is like that of their honey:
Sweet and satisfying beyond measure.

Yonder, over by the verdant hills
Every animal that was, is at play:
Sturdy horses joyfully chase unicorns,
Tigers, lions and leopards lay with deer
With rested heads as if sharing cares.
Raptor and Brachiosaurus bump heads in greet,
Cobra and mouse nestle in the leafy sheets.
Alligators fan fishes who fondly fumble,
And sharing giggles, with fins, fans back.
Beautiful mermaids dance on the crystal water
And leap synchronously with grinning dolphins.

O! What a glorious sight it was to see.
A place of love perfected for eternity.
A place of perfect beauty - in the sky.

Rain falls heavy but the ground remains dry.
Its purpose to make the mosaic of the rainbow,
And below this rainbow I saw many immortal men:
I saw Shelly and Frost pen from its color,
As Michael and Picasso rub canvas on its face;
And Holinshed and Shakespeare rob it whole,
I gladly collected the priceless scraps.
I placed the gems in my pockets, heart, hands and ears.
The Lace-agates, Amethysts, Turquoises, Malachites,
Jaspers, Rubies, Chrysocollas, Sapphires and Sugilites,
The Rainbow-of-Heaven's sacred colors immortalized
In stones, I took for everlasting inspiration.

In nimbus the angels meet in glorious lights;
Thrones are laid in anticipation of their very sitting
As cherubs lead the heavenly choirs in singing.
The sound of praises is deafening, yet sweet to the ear.
The Tambourine's low fuses perfectly with the Tabla's highs
While the Trombone airs the love from the Seraphims hearts.
The old-age class of renaissance meets the new age spunk of rock
And amalgamates into sweet melodies that bring honor to the King.
Elizabeth, robed in petal woven garments walks towards me,
Her attire, though finest I've seen, is lowly compared to her beauty.
The blue of her eyes is like Topaz freshly cut from heaven's hills.
Her skin glistens bronze, the likes of which only in heaven is seen.
Deborah, her elder sister follows; her beauty is matched only by light
Her aura is such that only for a second my eyes could behold her.
Michael and Ruth walk hand-in-hand and have the resolve of the Lord,
The flap of their wings resonate in winds that are felt in Heaven and on Earth.
The throne of Yahweh shines in His glory; my eyes could not behold,
Nor could my mind comprehend the splendor of that which was.
The angels, in their glory, worshiped Him, hailing Him: Lord and King.

Copyright © 2009 Leslie Alexis

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