Humanity? ? ? Poem by Leslie Alexis

Humanity? ? ?

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Advocator of peace
But bringer of war
50 in all
Yet, one shining star.
Mother-land of earth
Her mourn heard near
And far.
Her sneeze causes her off-springs
To respond, some with blessings
Other with curses.
For this mother is unjust
Loving Jane more than Tom,
Detonating the first atomic bomb
In the name of peace?

Peace for one and peace for all.
Mightiest nations, sit back
And watch nations fall
Under the rule of tyrants
Raised and bred off their bread.
One man coming to rule a nation
The parent refusing bestowment
To the Children, salvation
From mass brutality.
Only some live under humanity’s
Definition, of love and hope
For all. Too many young see their funerals.
Before the age of ten, but death
Is a better worse than the death
They live in daily -plagues
And diseases wrapping their fragile bodies
As they cry out with no mommies to respond
For she died, in war, in hunger, in pain.
Since when have we said never again?
In books, on shelves, in laws by man
Helping no one - unless we really stand as one
The children would die, missing their mommas and asking
Why? Why the pain and suffering? -

Yet, not far away, we lay in boast
Of our tall building and cars, our eagles
That touch the stars, aiming to reach who, God?
Blinded of the fact the closest to him, is through the one lent by him
The child in the country with no food to eat, the mother in the field after harvest
Scrapping the remnants of the wheat. Whilst we throw mountains overboard
To recuperate that which is fallen.-Missing God’s blessing.
Yet, God bless our nation? Which God?
The same one we remove from schools in the form of prayer?
Or the one we go to and say, rich over poor is fair?
Fair is a universal minimum wage, Fair is not working if you’re underage.
Tycoons and buffoons, you guys share the same coat.
Thread with the lives of little children, forced to work just for bread…
Bread, they still struggle to afford- yet you get your bonuses on your boards.
Boards that if it were up to I, would be made into the furniture they sit upon.
Despicable clowns deserving of great scorn, you’ll die tooting your selfish horn.
And unless you change, with the sounds your memories would fade.
Mankind, the greatest change is the one shown with a willful hand
I think that's God’s best definition of the true human…
One less IPod, never hurt no one,1 less hair- do, no real friend would scorn.
Love your neighbor as you do yourself, put your heart, upon that gigantic shelf.

Copyright © 2009 Leslie Alexis

Inspired through a conversation with my friend: Shirin Sheikhi

Copyright © 2009 Leslie Alexis

Sandra Martyres 11 May 2009

A very meaningful piece speak from your heart....on behalf of all suffering humanity...

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Eyan Desir 11 May 2009

This was a good write i felt it was to long But it was good

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I agree with Sandra as it is an extremely meaningful piece and you have put so much into to it. I would be inclined to condense it a little and maybe make part 1 and part 2, as it is a lot to take in at once and this way the impact could be stronger with fewer words. You have such enthusiasm and talent and it is worth all of 10. Karin Anderson

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Cindy Kreiner Sera 11 May 2009

A powerful write straight from a conscientious heart -You are blessed with a gift for writing and getting your message across

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Very true, i like it, great job spreading the message =) .....i wanna go help over seas, they're the ones that need an economic change 1st. =) great write. keep it up. =)

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 22 December 2009

‘…but death // Is a better worse than the death // They live in daily –plagues…’ A touching, humanist poem…you’re a Poet with Humane Heart / Face…/ Values Ten++ Ms. Nivedita UK

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Angelic Warrior 25 May 2009

i believe your right...for I agree completly and utterly! that's a fantastic poem you have there....should send it to Obama...: D wonder what he would think...or any leader of a powerful nation.... for we the people realise that they are idiotic fools amazing poetry 20++ :)

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Shashendra Amalshan 18 May 2009

'Yet, God bless our nation? Which God? The same one we remove from schools in the form of pray? ' we ask thsese questioms everyday...good words of wisdom..thanks...10++

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Ken E Hall 17 May 2009

Meaningful poem on our earths mess so messy is it human...enjoyed the fire in your poem written from your heart, your last line sooooo true, also talk to your neighbor not some internet junkie 10000 miles away...great piece of work++++10 regards

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Surya . 13 May 2009

a citizens cry for the nation and its people.heat touching.posted 10 surya

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