Freestyle (Jesus Vs. Satan) Poem by Leslie Alexis

Freestyle (Jesus Vs. Satan)

Rating: 4.8

Satan first.

Man you're all that and more,
You love the rich, the sick, and the poor.
Truth! I envy you!
You made the sky that's blue, the birds that flew: man every word you utter comes true.
You made man, as for me I made man fall in love with man.
Can't you see I interrupted your perfect plan?
You love everything that's good and just.
as for me, I'm into premature sex and lust, I let mine satisfy their every little thirst.

I ain't got much, except a few I stole from you.
Those fools, they don't realize I have them just to get back at you.
Yes, they live a life full of fun.
They don't realize at death, all this fun will dun;
And with me in the fiery piths of hell, they'll Burn.

Jesus now

Satan you're so lame,
All the words you uttered just brought me more fame.
Can't you see, life's no game?
Haven't you any shame?
Even your twisted mind can't spoil my name.
The truth of me will always be the same.
Satan from the start you were filled with greed.
If you were a man, you wouldn't even deserve the air you breathe.

Oh, before I forget, I'm fed up of these lies: you ain't got nutting!
Hell is meant for you and your crew alone to be suffering.
All you had is now dead,
Or haven't you read?
Where there's life, there's hope,
Thinking of it: it's hard for you to cope!
All that need to be done, is for them to repent:
Remember it's for this cause I was sent!

times up (hehe)

Copyright © 2009 Leslie Alexis

Dr Hitesh Sheth 03 December 2008

The fight between God and devil or between truth and evil doenst matter who wins sufferer are human beings. good write

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Louis Rams 21 December 2008

this one is on the money-honey

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Stephanie Saba 29 December 2008

Praise the Lord! ! This is an amaznig poem. well done.: ] God Bless.

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Michelle Versfeld 19 February 2008

Well... I don't know what to say. it's awsome. I love it. Thanx for a great poem

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Prat Havan 27 April 2008

WOOOW that was a splendid poem i just loved it

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Shadreck 20 October 2020

Show me about love

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Kim Barney 05 December 2014

Love it. Well written and pretty much matches my beliefs.

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Melanie Johnson 08 January 2010

This is great! I love the idea. You're an inspiration to many... Keep up the good work. =)

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Eyan Desir 23 February 2009

very good excellent, work man..... keep writting

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Susan Bagley 08 February 2009

I love it! It made me smile! It is all so simply true! Can't argue with truth. Susan

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