Invisible Poem by rinki nandy


Rating: 4.3

They say it's your insanity maybe or over sensitivity,
may be just your negative attitude towards everything, life in general.
26years have passed her by,
with eyes closed, will she ever realize what she lost? ,
they are scared may be, don't want to open to reality,
fantasy is always beautiful, isn't it?
Escapism is interesting......daring.....
“good things take time to come” and you are numb to waiting!
lucky are those who know what they want,
know where there heart is.......,
They are inquisitive, they keep checking and get surprised by the outcome,
apparently, the reason for doubt is the cover,
they understand not the mind, perhaps they never will.
looking back, found a lot of reasons in turning out this way.......
never found though, a reason behind the distance.....a reason for that blank paper!
But God is amazing and has his ways of generating happiness in out hearts,
the night sky shows a ray of hope, it conveys that there is visibility beyond this confusion.
Complicated is not a strange word and simplicity is not easy,
being mysterious is not in the nature but it's fascinating.
Negativity is not the motto but a part of it, because life is beautiful and always will be......,
and things will no longer be “invisible”.

Danny H 25 December 2009

no longer invisable: ] very nice. things we most cherish are invisable at first. when they are noticed the first time its truely to be cherished

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Rakesh Bedi 05 November 2009

a nice concept, rinki; especially i liked the expression....simplicity is not easy.... thanks for sharing, dear....

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Steven Aragon 05 November 2009

Interesting presentation of sentiment for your concept. Very enjoyable read and easing flow. I liked this peice very much so.

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