rinki nandy Poems

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*** On The Beach

Please don't tie me up in a relation,
please don't ask me silly questions,
please don't take away me freedom,
please don't sweet talk,

A Face

A face so innocent i have never seen,
see a wait in them, with eyes so keen,
lips forming a curve with no sheen,
shows a world, i have never been.

I......Love You

Curse the day i am denied a glimpse of you,
hate people who talk bad about you,
bless the day God blessed me with you,
life would be worthless without you,

Am I Too Big For A Life?

I grew up knowing i am different and i am special,
i grew up paying rent and to strive is my battle.

I was the best after a long time,


I saw you in my dream today, you looked so close and yet so far,
you were looking so sweet and lovable,
your mouth so inviting and kissable,
the illusion so real that i could feel you lying next to me,

Finding Self

caged in office with stupid mad people around,
enraged emotions out of the search are found,
lives wasted and rooted in the chain of money,
no one bothers as long as someone calls honey,


Strong is the lust of the eyes laid,
you are the lady and i am your maid,
real is your glow when applied smear,
steal the show when expenses i bear,


Dark she looked in the pursuit of light,
someone told her she ain't worth a fight.
Crazy she appeared in the shadow of the unknown,
restless is her mind in the company of the fearful,



Your capability to think indirectly amazes me,
the ability to twist things around amazes me,


You gonna stop staring or not? some thing's gonna be starting or not?
You stood so close, my eyes did close, i stopped breathing as your warm breath melted me,
the look in your eyes rested me,
you stand so tall and your long hands....i wanna wrap them around me,

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