***iresistable You R*** Poem by Sophonie Asia Joseph

***iresistable You R***

Rating: 3.0

You are so hard to resist
I try to stay away but my heart insist
I feel “16” again giddy at his boyish grin
Always thinking of him
He thinks I’m so hot
And wish to show me what’s he got
He fantasies’ about me
Slips up and calls me Fefe
A whiff of his cologne
Makes me want to take him home
I don’t know what he’s done
But I want him alone
My heart beat race
Anytime I see his cheesing face
He tells me I’m sweet
And we should go some place and meet
Lie till dawn under the sheets
I wan him bad
Think he’ll be the best I’ve ever had
That deep rich chocolate skin got me going insane
Can’t you see it is you I want
Or must I write it in a bigger font?
The problem is
Not mine but his
He wants me for a calculated time
While I want him selfishly, all mine
He wants only hours
And flee like cowards
Cant make him mine, don’t got that power
To make him stay
So think I’ll just lay
So he wont go away

**Asia Jay**

Marieta Maglas 30 July 2009

''To make him stay So think I’ll just lay So he wont go away'' nice poem

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