Finding The Path Poem by Sophonie Asia Joseph

Finding The Path

Rating: 4.0

Growing up you've always had a helping hand

they'd pull you up out of lifes quick sand

you were taught right from wrong

what you learned played like a never ending song

now a man, path don't seem so clear

don't know which way to go

diffrent stories that you hear

go left
and get shifted in with the rest

and never thinking for yourself

choice is made

monies been paid

hearts are pained

just to fit in

go right
already stand out

it was okay to fight

instant gratification

is not for to nite

looking foward further down insight

the whole picture

what a delight

but wait you want it now

so you turn around

made alot of people frown

as you headed over to that evil ground

a familar place

history can't be erased

didn't learn from your mistake

wanted nobody to hate

thought it to late to change

how could you? when

all you know is pain

made way on over

thought to look back

but their the lil cuttie sat

so to that familiar place you went

and she's no longer a tempt

you had it

day in and day out

till no longer you can win

and died in a puddle

of your own sin.

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Amy Douglass (Fifita) 13 January 2009

Nice write keep it up.

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Keith Hendrickson 07 January 2009

wow another great piece. i love the way you finish your pieces.

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