Cyber Friends Poem by Sophonie Asia Joseph

Cyber Friends

Rating: 4.0

These are special kinds of friends
No need to lie or be who you aren't

They take you for who you are

for they to are not perfect

They send smiles your way

and greet you every day

They applaud your accomplishments

and send roses by the dozen

They can stare at you when and however long they want

They wont no your secrets unless you tell them

They cant see the expressions on your face

**you spend long hours using all kinds of words

building up a friendship

that may never work

for where they tell you they are

may not be true

and when they send roses

it's not only to you

The kisses aren't real

cause their lips you can't feel

The letters are not warm

and is corny than corn

behind the computer you sit

and the enter key you hit

for days no end
chatting to your on line friends

Many thanks
**Asia jay**

Jean PETIPAPE 14 July 2016


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Ted L Glines 07 January 2009

You have caught the essence of our CyberVillage where the other villagers are your friends. You may never meet them. I have a 'twin sister' I have never met. They will make you grin or cry and send you tons of hugz and smilies. Mostly, your CyberFriends are nicer (and safer) than the real people outside your own door. Some are even keepers : -) Ted

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Vinod Kumar 07 January 2009

A well written poem, yes it is really a contemporary importance, I agreed with you, thanks for sharing

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Keith Hendrickson 07 January 2009

lol.. very very smooth writing. i like it.

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