Is Nigeria Dead? Poem by john chizoba vincent

Is Nigeria Dead?

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When I was in America
I received an Envelop with my mother's stamp on it.
I saw the red ink boiling on the surface of the book.
I torn it open and watched the words in anger!
My mother is sold out and she needs my help.

I ran down to Africa to see what has happened to my Beloved mother; mother Nigeria,
To see what has become of my mother in Africa.
When I saw her in sackcloth in the dark weeping,
I wept like a child whose mother left him in a market place.
They have beaten my mother black and white!
They have beaten her like a funeral ram,
She has been wounded with strips on her back and her face was embeamed with an undiluted acid.

She sat alone in the dark in tears of what they have done to her, and to her innocent children.
I heard the sound of her heartbeat from afar demolishing many, many whose face were as dark as the darkness of the night but has white teeth.
She cursed in pains; the forbidden outburst of the mourners, but I couldn't see her spirit, the spirit of her pride; because she has been sold off to the animals.

I torn off my clothes and ran to her bosom but,
There were no oil on her face any more,
The seeds on her womb was aborted, she wept all alone in the darkness waiting to be rescued.
Some of her children has gone astray in the wood,
Some like the lost coin but mother could not find them even with a lit lamp that shone brightly.

Are you praying for Mother Nigeria over there or not?
Who is praying for mother's recovering now?
Face me, let me hear what you are praying for!
Don't pray if you can't interced for our mother?
What has become of Mother Nigeria?
Is she dead or alive?
Please someone should talk to me, is Nigeria dead?

Is Nigeria really dead?
I want to know what has become of my mother
Because she is not talking to me as I ask her questions.
I want to know where the water is flowing to,
I want to know who is corrupt among her children.
I want to know the faces of my brothers and sisters!
I want to know who is killing mother here in Africa!

Is Nigeria dead?
Don't look at my ugly face just answer me brothers!
Don't pray for her, just keep your prayers to yourself, understand!
Don't even say 'God bless Nigeria'
You all are saboteurs harvesting where you didn't sow.

If mother dies here I won't be happy with those on the white rock chair at the Eagle palace.
If mother is found wanted in the street of Africa,
You all shall pay dearly for all the embezzlement on her body when I am ready to purge your stomach with a hard blow of righteousness.

(C) John Chizoba Vincent
Voice of Vincent 2016

Nelson Vincent 16 April 2016

This is awesome. It reflects the Nigerian nature and originality.

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Woru Sulyman 13 April 2016

thought provoking piece...and the concern for the country is profound.

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Edward Kofi Louis 09 April 2016

Nice piece of work! However, that is the very problem in Africa.

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