When A Man Fall. Poem by john chizoba vincent

When A Man Fall.

Rating: 4.5

When a man fall
Trouble begins.
A divided home is created.
Respect and honour hasten out of the door
As bulling and disrespect hasten in drastically.
The holy matrimonial fall apart sadly
And love develop a linkage instantly.
Infidelity is welcome humbly through the door
As hatred gives birth to death, death of emotions.
The heart beats slowly, O'er its shadow
In between fear and anger.
A loathsome debt develop in the home and
His face hurt many feelings.
A red cruel blemish spot of frustration emerge in the heart
Turning and whispering in disgust.
You could hear the argument and nagging
Day in, day out within the house hold.
He is left alone devastated and downcast
Like a silent pain whose hurt never feels.
Tears of blood gushing down from the eyes
Then he is abandoned to perish under the rotten shinning waste hill.
Rejected and neglected under the dungeon
He become voiceless, underrated by the society.
When a man fall, he becomes repulse and rap severally
Could he rise again?
Could he still dance with so much joy
Yes, only with his mind set and hard work can he change
with each day his kneels planted humbly on homage to God
For glorification and supplication to arise again.

Melikhaya Zagagana 07 May 2014

Inspirational and suspense stunner, thanks brother i like it.

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V P Mahur 05 May 2014

Thanks a lot for your comments.

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V P Mahur 05 May 2014

Dear poet, This is really a great piece of work. Thanks.

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Colleen Courtney 01 May 2014

The ending of a marriage and the breakup of a family is truly devastating. Nicely written piece.

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ishfaq Showket 01 May 2014

Nice poem and emerging thoughts keep it up

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