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Islamics - Poem by Nasarudheen.P. Parameswaran

P. Nasarudheen
ISLAMICS can be defined as the study on the life of creatures on the earth based on sociological, economic, political and spiritual concepts proposed by the holy Qur’an and sound Hadiths justifiable to Qur’an verses. The scope of it is as vide as the human activities especially Economics, Politics and Ethics. Ethics is based on Spirituality. According to the holy Qur’an man is created to be the Khaliph on the Earth; woman as his mate.Both of them shall lead a life by mutual help and solidarity and bring up children properly as worship to the only God: Allah. Family is the smallest unit in social life and families make larger society. To satisfy their wants and needs, in the past as of now economic planning became necessary.Hunting, fishing and agriculture developed. Fertile soil was and is an attraction where resources and raw materials were/are ample. To occupy such areas tribes and nomadic groups used their forces that led to wars. These wars led to insecurity in society. So, to ensure security, people organized themselves and elected their leaders to whom they pledged obedience. Medina Agreement/Charter signed by the people of Medina and Prophet Muhammad (pbh) is the best example of it. Magna Carta signed in England is another example from history. Thus Polity stirred political thoughts that theoretically suggested many possibilities to lead a happy life. Man has two kinds of existence: one of the body and the other of the soul. So far soul, the force, is in the body he or she is alive. When the soul or spirit or otherwise known as the bio-magnetic energy or vitality leaves the body, the body is called a dead body. Therefore, we have physical and spiritual needs and wants. Islam proposes ways to satisfy these needs. In the present world of social turbulence the need of the study on these suggestions of Islam is very much desirable. Here, I would like to delineate an outline and scope and benefit of study on Islamics.. Only sense translation is made to Qur’an verses in this article.

Socialization begins at home.
Islam is the religion of Nature. It tries to solve the issues related to natural instincts of people and solve the crisis in social life as well as in spiritual life. Islam is based on “Karma –Phala Theory”.(Cause and Effect Theory) . That is to say, do good and be happy; do evil and suffer in life. Doer is only responsible for his happiness and sorrows(Qur’an,2: 286) .The virtuous need not worry and fear what ever be their faith(Qur’an,2: 62 and 5: 69) .Vices though seem more are never equal to Virtues.(5: 100) .Man has the freedom of choice For a better social life, family atmosphere is to be made peaceful and secure. Qur’an tells us to worship Allah, behave well to father and mother, relatives, orphans, the poor, neighbours, friends travelers, and slaves; Allah never likes proud egocentric people. Allah punishes misers and who encourage miserliness. The Qur’an, Surah Annissah,36-37) . Here, we are told to be kind to others, loving and lovable to set up a good family and society. Muslims are asked to marry if financially sound to meet expenditure of Nikah, physically and mentally healthy to protect the family. Or else, they have to wait till maturity. Character of woman is to be taken in to consideration more than the wealth and beauty.Character formation and social peace and stability by mutual help is stressed here. Husband and wife shall jointly bring up children. Husband is to meet the needs of wife and of children while she shall protect the interests of husband and of children.
“Don’t kill children owing to fear of poverty. It is Allah who provide food to all. Killing is a great sin”.(Israh,31) .According to Imam Razi killing children is the proof of faithlessness in God and disrespect to Islamic teachings. It is the duty of parents to bring up children properly with spiritual and material knowledge.
Male or Female whoever be that do virtue will be in heaven. There in no partiality.(4: 124) . There is no gender partiality in Islam. It was He who created men from water and made them having blood relations and marriage relations(25: 54) .Marriage and blood relations are strong bond in the society.
Prophet Muhammad said, “The most perfect of the believers are the best of them in morals. And the best among them are those who are best to their wives”(Al Tirmizi,1162) . And These words are also very important. He said, “None of you believes (completely) until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself.”(Saheeh Al-Bukhari 13, and Saheeh Al-Muslim,45) . Even smiling at your brother is charity, (Saheeh Muslim,1009, and Al Bukhari,2989) . In he faily if old age parents are there, they shall no be scolded or disrespected. They must be treated mercifully as they did to children in childhood.(17: 23-24) . Prophet advised that a true Muslim is one who makes no disturbance to his neighbours. These are nice steps to build a sound society. Good parenting brings up good children and good generation.
Once, the men was of single society. In Islam they are the five Islam -points. These are known as five Pillars of Islam. They are to perform in life: 1.The Testimony of Faith; There is no other God but Allah to worship; and Muhammad is His Prophet.2, Prayer-five times a day.3.Giving Zakat,4.Fasting during Ramzan.5.Pigrimage to Mecca. and the six Eeman –points too. They are to believe undoubtedly.: 1.Belief in God.2.Belief in Angels.3.Belief in God’s revealed Books(15: 9) .Belief in Prophets and Messengers of God(33: 40.5.belief in the day of judgement.6.belief in Divine Predestination(Good and Bad are tests of Allah) .All religious concepts are based on Monotheism. In Hinduism it is Brahma. In Jewish the Lord is Jehovah. The Qur’an gives ample examples from history and Nature to prove His existence, His rewards and Punishments to convince people. The faith in God creates Ihsan (a feeling that God watches us always though we cannot see Him. This will make us to do all our activities as worship to God. And keep away from vices. Out of selfishness they formed different groups and began to go away from the right path. Hence, to bring the lost sheep from the wrong track the vices back, God directs prophets to all clans with the message of righteousness.(1: 20) .
Personality development is stressed in Islam. Both spiritually and mentally one should be refined. Prayer to Allah is scheduled to teach and practice, the punctuality, improve physical and mental strength. Those steps in life will purify mind and body. Prophet Muhammad(one from among the people) was entrusted to illustrate the existence of Allah and purify the society culturally, teach people what they do not know so as to lead the people to the Righteous Path.(2: 150and 151) .Every cell on a body is to be purified to get the whole body purified. So every one in society is to be purified to make the society pure. The Qur’an is the guidance to the thinking people.(12: 111) . People are from Him and will have to return(2: 156) .The very remembrance of Allah will make our mind peaceful.(13: 28) .There is hope and confidence on Protection from Him. He is the Supreme in helping and protecting(3: 150) .There is no compulsion to be the faithful. After listening the preaching, all are free to chose good or bad.(88: 21-22 and 5: 48) . The Qur’an only preaches.. If any one so desires, he may come to the Right path.(76: 29) .The desirable change is to come forward for doing virtues.(2: 148) . Allah will test all by loss of wealth, resources life, and poverty, The patient will have glad news.Even in difficulties one should be pious and in the Righteous Path because the happy life will be for him. Virtues will be rewarded well by happiness and the wicked by worries and sorrows. The former is blessing and the latter is punishments by God. We are told to read and think to improve knowledge to live in the light of the holy Quran. Read in the name of Allah who created (96: 1) . Think on what is read(54: 17,22,32,40) and think to practice what one preaches (2: 44) . In any society, this is true.

Social justice through the economic planning.
To meet economic crisis people are asked to give Zakat, Fitr Zakat and Sadakah. Zakat is the wealth tax (2.5% of the estimated movable and immovable assets.) a believer is to give to the prescribed helpless people of his own area Fitr Zakat is the fixed amount of edible rise or wheat (one Mudh) donated to the poor obligatory to every living members of the family. Sadakah is the alms given to any good purpose. Jessiah is the tax collected from non-Muslims for their protection or providing security while exempting them from service in war. Zakat is the right of the poor and can be claimed from the rich. It may be compared to the legal bonus system of modern times in a company. Allah will bless those who believe Him and give Zakat and live with Piety.(A’Araf,156) .Those who are blessed by Allah with wealth shall not be miserly which is not good for them”, (Alu Imran,180) .. What one gives shall not be a cause for insult.(2: 264) . Khalifa Aboobaker Siddiqe (R) remarked that Zakat is obligatory on wealth. To get it, if needed, he would fight.This strict measure to recover taxes will help for financial stability of the Government and to maintain social justice. According to a Hadith in Bukkhari, an Administrator(ruler) will be questioned of his awareness on people, husband of his knowledge of his relatives and wife about her children and family by Allah. It means the ruler, husband and wife must be doing well in their sphere of activities. One Squandering wealth is the brother of Satan. Satan is ungrateful to his Protector.(17: 27) .
Economically the society is bound to practice control. We are asked to spend from what God gives.Allah does nto like squandering wealth. Prodigals are considered as the brothers of Satan who is ungrateful to the Creator. People worried by debt must be helped by extending the period for repayment till they are able to repay.((9: 60 and 2: 280) .Borrowings must be properly accounted.(2: 282) .Collecting interest is not business. it is not allowed.2: 278-79) . Allah nullifies interest and encourages alms.(2: 276) . Only non-interest business is encouraged in Islam.
All believers and nonbelievers are committed to their social responsibility. This will make the family and society disciplined. Islam visualizes not of a loose morally degenerated society but a disciplined morally elite society. Adultery is a mean act. Do not do it.(17: 32) .It does not allow any one to make troubles. Islam tells us to spend from what God gives us. Not to borrow. The rich are asked to help the poor as his obligation from which Allah gives him. Problems of poverty is a test on the wealthy and on the poor to measure their depth of faith. At the end for leading a virtuous life they will be rewarded amply.
“You worship only Allah, behave well to parents, relatives, orphans, the poor, to neighbouring relations, comrades, travelers, and slaves(servants) .Allah never loves egoists and proud people. Such ingratitude ones will get shameful punishments.”(4: 36-37) . It is very simple to understand one should reform his conduct in society. If people practice these there will not be the need of Old age Homes and Orphanages or suicides related to financial crisis.

Islam proposes a well knit political system.
The Qur’an,4: 59, tells: ” The believers, obey Allah and His messenger and the Administrators from among you. If any split occurs, turn to Allah and His messenger, (for guidance) .Politically Islam is being cornered now. Socialists and Communists oppose it. Socialists and Communists oppose it because Islam opposes conflict and Class War but proposes consensus in solving socio-political issues. Capitalists oppose as Islam opposes exploitation on labourers in the business field. All decisions shall be taken after discussions in Surah meeting.(42: 38) .During Khulapha Rashid, Khaliphas were elected; they discussed matters of the polity before taking a decision. No totalitarianism is allowed in Islam. Further, as one man rule is against Islam, it is democratic in practice, and it is against massacre theory of the communists and the Capitalists, both systems oppose Islam. Any digression of so called Islamic countries cannot be attributed to Islamic philosophy. Mistake of the surgeon may cause death of the patient. That does not mean the theory of surgery is wrong..We have to guard against such incompetent persons in any social sphere. And the flaws are to be remedied by theoretical and feasible explanations
All these groups use media as an instrument for this attack. The following quotation will prove it.”All such attacks are seen as part of a grand anti-Muslim conspiracy. Rupert Mardoch is one media ‘mughul’(!) whose aim is to control political attitudes through his many newspapers, magazines and TV channels, and beam down on a global scale satellite programmes peddling western cultural life, obscenely inimical to the cultural values of many of the countries which they aim to saturate. This particular ‘sky-war’ is seen as just another battle in the conspiracy to weaken and finally destroy Islam. Again at this perceptual level Huntingtons’s ‘clash of civilizations’ becomes a reality. Events conspire to draw even thoroughly non –extremist Muslims in to a dangerous sense of them and us. Identity boundaries becomes-battle lines”.(Eric Lott, Religious Faith, Human Identity, dangerous Dynamics, in Global and Indian Life, p.152, ATC and UTC Publication, Banglore,2005. Every Muslim must be aware of this type of plot against it and the provocations made by others to project Muslims are terrorists. Holy Qur’an instructs Muslims not to be provoked but be patient in dealing with the polytheists and opposing sects in society(2: 224) .
The Clauses of Madina Agreement is very interesting to a politician. The main points are: ! People sining in are of special category. Others will not include in this group.2, The Mujahirs from the Qurishis be released by ransom. As in the past the Ansars shall also release the for ransom.3.People of the Right Path(Muslims) will not be left without just ransom or retributions.4.Even if a believer in Islam tries to make trouble, all the faithful will move united against him.5. Even though that offender is sons of believers, all believers will be against him.6.Muslims cannot kill a non-believer instead of another non-believer.7.No non-believer be helped against a believer(Muslim) .8.Almighty Allah’s protection is equal to all. It is binding to all the believers though of lower class.9.If any Jew co-operate with Muslims he shall be protected. He shall not be attacked and his enemy shall not be helped.10.In the event of war, no truce be made without considering another Muslim. The Truce is equally applicable.11.If a Muslim dies in holy war, all Muslims are bound to take revenge upon enemies.12.If a polytheist protects a Muslim, that shall not be kept confidential.13.If any one kills a Muslim he is obliged to the family of the dead. Till the bereaved family is satisfied action can be taken up on the assailant. None ca wink at it as all are bound by it. 14.All Muslims will be against the assailant; it is obligatory to Muslims.15.No Muslim shall protect the criminals. One who violate this will have to suffer from the Anger and Curse of Allah on the Dooms Day. Repentance of such will not be accepted.16.In any case, if there is split in Muslims that shall be turned to Allah and His Messenger Muhammad.(corrected) .-(Ibnu Hasim,1: 502-503, indebted to Sunni Afkar weekly,14th April,2004) .More points on this are available in the Markaz Uloom Souvenir-2011.Some important of them are: 1.Protection in the name of God is to all.2.Jews will have their own religion with full freedom to practice it.3.Yesrib(Medina) is the centre of protection to all who sig in this charter.4..In the event of attack on Yesrib all the parties together shall defend the country as we are a Single Ummah(nation) .5. Unjust and vice people will not be protected.6.God the Protector of the Virtuous people. So those who fear God will be protected by Prophet Muhammad.(p.103-105) . Here in this Charter we find how a nation shall function with nationalism, and foster the spirit of peaceful co-existence with tolerance. Faith is not at all a criterion for Unity. All Muslims are to follow these even now as Sunnah (the way that has shown to solve the internal social and religious crisis.) .
Whether in family or society, the criminals are dealt with deterrent punishments. The reward for vice is vice; but if any one pardons and makes truce and it is obligatory on Allah, who does not like wickedness. (42: 40) . Those who keep away from sins and vices and suppress anger(42: 37) and who takes self protection measures on oppression, he will also be rewarded (42: 39) The Qur’an directs to do justice and good to all as to a relative and prohibits any violation of laws, vices, and for that people are asked to be vigilant.(16: 90) .When people are punished by storm, earthquake, or waves, they are all the resulted from their wrongs.(29: 40) . “People become desperate by these troubles caused by their activities; but are happy at their success.”(30: 36) .The doer will have to bear the result; none will share the burden.(6: 165) .The virtuous will be paid ten fold of the act deserve and the vice so much only it deserves. Not more infliction.(6: 159) . So justice must be meted out with Allah’s favour.
The holy war (Jihad) is to fought with the holy Quran(25: 52) .Iron must be met with ideas. Armed rebellion or Jihad is allowed normally. No Jihad is allowed unless Muslims are offended or oppressed.(60: 9) . And All Muslims are bound to invite non-Muslims to the path of Allah, Islam, with reason logic applying intelligently. Balanced debate to propagate Islam is also allowed.(16: 125) . The Qur’an is not to preach only but to practice. We have to live through Quran ideas not merely holding the Qur’an saying it is a great book.Then only political unity and peace be sustained.
Islamic Ethics is based on Spirituality.
The Spiritual approach in Islam is based on monism in which idolatry is strictly prohibited. What all the Prophets or Divine Personalities taught is the same philosophy but by gradual degeneration of the culture; true faith and rites turned up side down in the interest of economic considerations of the business minded priests and rulers superstitions and showy celebrations became the order of the day. Kings or rulers insisted priests to issue clerical orders or fatawahs to suit this faith related business. Here we can remember how Allaja was murdered by the Abbasya ruler, Why Shafee Imam was jailed? Joan of Arc was burned at stake? Even Jesus was crucified (according to The Bible, though Muslims do not accept it) .It is the selfishness of the priesthood that force them to issue unjust unethical orders and they are imposed on the illiterate people. All religious heads exploit the followers out of the ignorance.
Actually worship is obligatory to all human beings and it is purely personal. But the ignorant people entrust priest, to do rituals for them. One can worship God oneself in own language. Every clan has separate rites. It is to know who advance to righteousness in a competitive spirit. No need of fighting. No compulsion. To the faith in God and for good actions Allah rewards well. The righteous need not worry or fear. No discrimination of faiths.(The Qur’an,2: 62 and 5: 69) .And also the believers do not find any discrimination among the prophets and their Books of advice for, they know all will have to return to Allah.(2: 285) .
Freedom is the birth right as God gives us it with the discerning power of good and bad. As His grace He sends Prophets to counsel us. It is open to us if we should follow the advice or not; one can accept or reject.(17: 107 and 18: 29) .The only religion acceptable to Allah is Islam(the way of Peace through righteousness and faith in Allah and absolute surrender to Him.(He who surrender his life to Allah is the Muslim) . Prophet Muhammad was to invite people to the divine Path of God and guide like a lamp in the dark(ignorant) society(33: 45-46) . If he was not simple, his followers would leave him(3: 159) .Prophet is to warn the mass not to impose his views.(22: 50) . Unless an until people desire to change their ways, Allah will not change their status.(13: 11) .But we must remember that happiness and sorrows are tests of God.None will die with out tasting them in life(21: 36) . If the Prophet had no authority to compel or impose faith on others who can our institutionalized religions can? Or any extremists groups can check the freedom of faith? This awareness and faith in destiny will reduce agony and will increase hope to man and his caliber to face challenges will strengthen. That is why it is told the remembrance of Allah will make mind calm.
Qur’an,3: 186 advises people no to be worried of insults from polytheists and people who got Vedic Books earlier. Muslims must keep patience at any cost; that is the best for their soul. According to Ayat 224 of Surah Bakara, the pledge to Allah shall not be a barrier to do good and duty and to try to make unity in society. All troubles are man made by their wrong doings.(30: 41) .

In modern times, the social structure designed by Islam can be compared to the commune system or the Panchayati Raj system wherein planning and execution is from the grass root level as each unit is independent and also linked to the Head of the state. It is the actual federal system. As politics and state are the product of human activity, unlike Christianity, Islam does not separate State and religion; instead it is a part of life itself for mutual security and mutual peaceful co-existence. Sound State will emerge only from the sound society of sound people.
Islam plans a cultured, disciplined society. Its structure cannot be measured by the Western Philosophy. Deviation from actual Islam is the cause of social restlessness and political fiasco in many nations including India. Terrorism, violence and communalism are contradictions to Islamic philosophy. Allah never love criminals. Not only Islam but in other religious groups also the followers are blindly following the priestly dictates and becomes fanatics. Vote Bank politics vitiates the situation by creating panic in society. The speeches of leaders, the misuse of media and its irresponsible inquisitive partial journalism flare up communalism which is detrimental to social harmony. Only an understanding, mutual respect and co-existence can bring peace in a society. The Qur’an tells: ” People of Vedas, come to the common idea that we both hold that there is no God other than Allah to be worshipped.(3: 64) .(Monotheism is one example of common ground to begin with a discussion for mutual understanding.) .An alliance of the pious spiritualists can establish a better world. The Messenger of Allah said, “There is a reward for kindness to every animal or human”(Saheeh Muslim,2244 and Al-Bukhari,2466) . We can remember that social reforms are effected by the creative minority in the world ever. No competition but consensus and co-existence is what Islam press. This unity and compatibility is the need of the hour and the application of Islamics can provide much guidance to people in this line of progressive and positive social reforms.

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