It All About Making Human History All Year Poem by Christen Kuikoua

It All About Making Human History All Year

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See Dark skin just mean more sun block,
it got absolutely nothing to do with 'Races'.
It Just means Your Ancestor lived in places closer to the Equator.
the Sun was stronger,
So they needed melanin in their skin to make it darker
and lighter skin just means less protection which is ideal in places.
Where the sun emits less intense ray
it's just Evolution
our bodies adapting to keep us Safe.
So I agree Racist should never be together but human should
For we are one Human race
Each with a Colorless spirit inside
So to define ourselves by races,
is to continue to Live a lie
and No we should not be color blind.
Don't Close Your eyes or deny the past,
Realize we are One people With Many Stories
Breathing the same air and living under the same sun,
So forget the categories,
it not about Black History Month
but about Making Human History All year

It All About Making Human History All Year
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