A Dog Eat Dog World Poem by Isaac 'slimx'

A Dog Eat Dog World

A dog eat dog world,
no other name is better,
cuz human rights is a misery,
justice for the highest bidder,
me first, myself last and I in the middle.

Them that knock, knock forever,
if you seek you can only find your soul,
asking breeds only trouble,
thieves are our kings and princes,
the price of a human head at an all time low.

Warriors fleeing for safety,
the weakling doing the fighting,
dying can only make you a hero,
them that stay home divide the spoil,
materialism rules our desolate cities.

Our healers are sick with the unknown,
our wise men fool themselves around,
Your gospel is now a commodity for sale,
Your messenger blind with a bribe,
Your judgement lurking at a corner.

Absent parents on the payroll,
lonely widows seeking death,
orphans on eternal pilgrim walk,
homelessness the available comfort,
secret tears are man’s only alternatives.

Righteousness is now a crime,
innocence an abomination,
fairness an illusion,
equity is foolishness,
its just a dog eat dog world.

Schools in inner cities closing,
prison population exploding,
preachers with swords drawn,
no one seems to know the answer,
You’ve hid yourself from humanity.

Pain beyond imagination,
afflictions spreading like wild fire,
sicknesses defying cures and medicine,
starvation and hunger never seen,
mothers eating their own babies.

Daughters betraying their fathers,
brothers raping their sisters,
discrimination based on skin color,
the clean becomes the victims,
child soldiers bear the burden.

Them that curse you prosper,
those that scorn you live in peace,
there seems no benefit praying to you,
I won’t stop crying out loud,
though you’ve blocked your ears.

Never has war killed so many,
missiles flying everywhere every time,
poverty in abundant, sores unattended,
terrorists on rampage, pains in my heart,
yesterday I lost another loved one.

Planet in peril, iniquities increase,
execution for the convicted,
compensation for the powerful,
eviction for the toiling man,
abortion, killing the innocent and defenceless.

Isaac 'Slimx'
December 2008.

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