Mental Deficit Poem by Isaac 'slimx'

Mental Deficit

No one said a thing, yet I heard a thousand voices,
no one beat the drums but I found myself dancing around,
I didn’t see a pit yet I jumped over it all the same,
then I spoke in tongues but not to the Holy One,
I was not beaten but my body was wailing and crying,
no one called yet I answered with a loud scream,
no one was fighting me, still I was dodging, defending myself,
no one was chasing me yet I was running for dear life,
if I close my eyes, all I see is gangster paradise,
I’m not dead, yet living in a demon’s world,
my Monday has turned into Thursday,
and my midweek is now weekend,
my mouth utters strange and perverse things,
delusion and illusion my next door neighbours,
I’m hot one minute and freezing the next,
feeling so strong yet my feet can’t support me upright,
nature’s beauty now a disgusting phenomenon,
I’m wandering around searching for the unknown,
taking orders with diligence from my unseen guide,
yet I cannot afford rehab……….no, no, no,
I’m now chilling on my bed down the street gully,
bubbling in the joy of a mission accomplished,
of a very well spent mental stimulus package:

15% dope infrastructure development
9% marijuana (departments: bomb, boat and bud) healthcare
10% heroin education (some child left behind)
24.2% ecstasy defence appropriation
8% opium housing development
4% cocaine (base) social insurance
2.5% crystal meth homeland security
2% crack cocaine (basing) law enforcement
0.5% angel dust (PCP) prison service rehabilitation
15% anabolic steroid social welfare
9% morphine immigration reform
0.8% alcohol miscellaneous.
But with a trillion dollars mental deficit.

Isaac Slimx

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