Javi Lopez

It's Gone - Poem by Javi Lopez

This late night thought process
Which makes me remember
Times way back
Way past December

The times twisted me up
But I never felt so alive
So strung into it all
Huge rollercoaster ride

Of friendship and love
I couldn't tell the difference
Lost one got one
Taken by the distance

As such I try
To forget times before
Tried to learn from my mistakes
But it leaves me asking more

It leaves me wondering what if
What should have I done
Maybe we could've had
A little more than just one

More than a single summer
More than one fling
But it doesn't matter now
We're onto different things

We're on separate plains
Talk once in a while
Things won't be the same
I won't make you smile

The world we try to live in
I can't find my one
I want things to be right
But I won't see her tonight

 I have no clue
And neither do you
And we're just not meant to be
Enter pure apathy

Those memories are gone
Those moments in the past
They still burn in my head
Comes closer to the last

i can't sleep at night
I dont know what to do
Accept that it's over
And move on too

A tear for the past
An eye to the future
That if we get a shot again
It'll be fate lending a hand

Loving it so much
It is no more
Let me open this one
And close out that door

It's gone

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Poem Edited: Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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