Javi Lopez

Crushing - Poem by Javi Lopez

Falling in love
More than enough times already
Seemingly the best thing ever
But leaves you feeling empty

I love her
I want her
Can't have her
Got sadder

Don't really know her
Beautiful and interesting
I'm crushing I'm sure

just looking at her
gets me interested
simple attraction
as well as a distraction

but either way
I know that it will probably never be
who could love a weirdo jerk
who could love me

been down this path
too many times before
kill myself
if I gotta go through more

seems unfair
such is this game
that brings unbridled joy
and brings shame

but I really like her
she garners my attention
there's just something about her
I can't really describe or mention

whether its her looks
or her brains
not knowing her
fills me with a little pain

wondering if she feels the same
or even knows I exist
if I am anybody
she would ever kiss
with her pouty lips
I just tend to adore
calling out to me
making me want more

I don't even know her name
but she caught my eye
but I doubt she would even consider
being with this guy

with me
would it make her happy
I know it would make me

but its all just a strange thing
a feeling clouding my thoughts
she wouldn't ever think about me
she probably knew me for a sec and then forgot

but maybe I can get her
get her to feel the way I do
get her to say
“i like you too”

it would be great
hooked together by fate
while we plan to meet
for our very first date

but until then I can wait
try my best to at least get to know her first
don’t wanna come on too strong
that’s the worst

soon enough hopefully
she'll look at me
and realize how happy she could be
if she was with me

only the future will tell
gotta shape it for the better
so we could maybe
just maybe be together

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, August 18, 2010

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