Javi Lopez

Life 3 - Poem by Javi Lopez

I see it all now
the world's twisted ways
I remain caught in the middle
of bad nights and awful days

My heart in pain
My body sore
My mind numb
and there's more

Friends lost
Love confuses
Emotions bring pain
I'll soon be the one who loses

All he has
All he knows
I've reached an all time high
on an all time low

try to cope with the pain
try to deal with the struggle
Rather have a nice time with her
and a snuggle

But even that I can't obtain
even that is hard to get
It feels like
I’m more caged than a pet

I can't tell if okay
I can't say I’m alright
I could stay up crying
the rest of the night

but nobody hears my cries
nobody even cares
You could say this is a cry for help
that I felt I needed to share

She's in his arms now
I'm lost and stuck
Feeling like
a hopeless schmuck

What am I too her
a friend or a lover
Confuses me so
I guess I'll never know
I feel pretty low
Sick and Blue
couldn't foresee anything like this
happening to any of you

Let me speak
Profound in all
Life will bring you lots of hardships
and you are gonna fall

but you can't stay down
you can't make that mistake
you gotta get back up
and wipe the mud off your face

you have to try to live strong
you have to try to live well
or you'll live life like me
where everyday you're in hell

where everyday you think you're happy
then you depress all over the floor
exhausted and ready to break
See what else is in store

for this poor little boy
who's soul is aged but body is young
who’s able to say
that he'd love to be hung

but don't be like him
be happy be light
live to the fullest
and give the good fight

For what I can't do
and probably never will
it's best to listen to my advice
a moment left still

Now I wake up
but this isn't a dream
a nightmare maybe?
No its real to me

it's life coming at me
turn left turn left
did I make the right turn?

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, August 31, 2010

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