It's 2: 26 Am Poem by Sam Smith

It's 2: 26 Am

It's 2: 26 a.m. and my baby won't permit me sleep,
Even though I've counted twelve hundred and thirty-three sheep,
Told her all the tails my hearth won't keep,
Bribed her with a top of the line jeep,
And even sung all songs which make me weep.

It's 2: 27 a.m. and my girl won't sleep,
I see her laid bare next to her Bopeep,
I turn and her rooms worse than a scrapheap,
Covered with all the toys she considers neet.

It's 2: 28 a.m. and my daughter cannot sleep,
All her homework has her six feet deep,
So stressed that she can't help but BLEEP,
So tired she can't even upkeep.
And so excited that we bought her a dark blue jeep,

It's 2: 29 a.m. and my princess can't find sleep,
It's her big day and she can't help but leap,
I'm giving her away and in a dress that wasn't cheap,
She looks so pretty my eyes can't help but weep.

It's 2: 30 a.m. and my babies won't permit me sleep,
I lay on this bed hooked up unable to speak,
She tells me how grateful she is for the nights I helped her count twelve hundred thirty three sheep,
She tells me all the tails her hearth won't keep,
She recounts all the fun times she had in her jeep,
She even sings me all the songs that made her weep.

It's 2: 31 a.m. and I see you both sad because I can finally fall asleep,
I hold both your hands and faintly speak
'I know well that all those nights are ours to keep'.

I Love You So Much.

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