Curse Poem by Sam Smith


A woman told me that it was impossible to love her,
That she will show me nothing but regret.
That I should forsake my side by her,
And live the rest of my life with forget.

That the only thing I’d receive would be pain,
That in this game called love I have nothing to gain.
So for my sake I should search elsewhere for happiness,
For with her I’d be consumed by the madness.

So my response to you; are these simple words “then let it be so, ”
If staying by your side means extinction, then I shall cease to exist;
Is being at your side means going insane, then I shall turn mad,
If a kiss from you is a danger’s drug, then I shall die from an overdose.
If your love for me will curse my soul, then I shall be dammed to this black paradise.

What must I do to prove my love for you is real?
What must happen for you to know I am no meal?
What must I say so that your fears fade in to the night?
What if you hear, I will become your guardian for I am your knight.

I am your shield, for I am the defender of your dreams,
I am you sword, for I am the slayer of the demons hate.
You are the sheath that clams my mind like gentle streams,
You are the harm that holds what protects what was given to us by fate.

So let your mind wonder and embrace the dark,
Let your eyelids help you find lights mark.
So trust that if you lose your way,
I am hear to guide you from night to day.

Sam Smith 01 October 2013

thanks, Im glad you liked it.

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 20 August 2013

Last four line that conclude is very strong and nice to read such a lovely poem keep it up

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