..Its Better Not To Tell The Truth.. Poem by Yan Lee

..Its Better Not To Tell The Truth..

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i'd rather not to tell the truth
if my words are just like a sword
to stabbed you till sweet demise
i have no deliberate intent
with what i rest

to make you feel the guilt
you can smear me with liability
if its a sin to speak up
my mind
then curse me
its just a spur of the moment

i never compare you with her
she's just nothing in contrast
with you
and i never have anything
to make you proud of
and please
do not relate me to them

i have my own identity
i am sick and tired
of this comparison
from the beginning

i can't equate your expectation
and i can't level up
in her achievement
don't bother to compare
what pains me the most

was the matters you said
the knife in your eyes
kills me till death
i can't feel your love

your embrace
your care
all i am experiencing
is all blasphemy

i cannot be perfect
if its wrong to tell the truth
i'd rather shout off my mouth
i'd rather not think

i'd rather not ponder
i'd rather not listen
i'd rather cover my ears
in order not to hear all your lies

id rather be,
id rather be,
id rather be...a bloody hell!
of not telling the truth
to avoid misdealing

Yan Lee

Yan Lee

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