Perfect Guy Poem by Yan Lee

Perfect Guy

im glad that i meet you already
and it makes my world go crazy
i cant believe that you exist
in this planet that full of twist

the friendship i have with you
is the most amazing thing
you are always there
when i needed you right here

a poker face type yet very articulate
i cannot even wait in our daily debate
you tell things that causes me to irritate
but preferably i dont have a single hate

i try to searched a thousand reason of why's
the distance between us are quite miles
im so pleased everytime you makes me smile
foolish i imagined myself walking in the aisle

im falling head over feet
with nothing to react but blithe
i choose to love you in silence
because that would makes sense

Lady Grace 03 June 2009

beautiful poetry..grace

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Deborah Mae Lacay 13 April 2009

and huz thz guy, aber? ? hehe..

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Barry A. Lanier 06 April 2009

A really creative line ' I choose to love you in silence' expectaions no fears no rejection, , , , only love...........

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Dream Catcher 06 April 2009

Really sweet poem.may your perfect guy be with you 4ever!

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Yan Lee

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