An Epitome Woman Poem by Yan Lee

An Epitome Woman

Rating: 5.0

even though you do not hear me
saying a single word or anything how much i appreciated you
the big things and the little things
you have done for us with all these years

i really respect you with all my heart
and i promise i will never depart
9 months you carried me in your womb
giving birth places your one foot in tomb

i may not be the perfect daughter you wish for
but im trying my best to make you proud of having me
i thank you for the sacrifices you endure
including the agony that do not have cure

i know i have a lot of flaws
that only you who knows
you mold me into a better person
to make me strong and defend me with pure reason

i am the luckiest individual her on earth
because you love me with all my worth
helping me to attain my goals
as through the years rolls

you are always be there to teach
no matter where i reach
because without you i will never be here
you always guide me what i search

this is a tribute to you mom
for having some
patience, love, understanding, compassion,
modesty, humility, wittiness and intelligence

they are your characteristic
makes you an extraordinary woman
and i ever idolized as one
your principles in life shape me
to be confident enough to face
the trials in this world
that you always told
you should know how to hold

i cant measure how much i love you so
indeed no matter how hardheaded i am
though i am so thankful to the Lord God above
for giving me a mother like you

a strong person in and out
i can always trust without a doubt
you always listen to my never-ending stories
every minute of it i definitely cherished

there is no gap between us like a wall
the heated arguments i do not even recall
the best tandem among them all
is the mother and daughter they call

the break up that happen
makes everything so rotten
i pray that can be forgotten
so that your heart will not be broken

now that i am old enough
to know what is smooth or rough
to take head the heavy stuff
and surpassing things that are tough

all the pains that you capture
everything is some kind of torture
an emotional syndrome classified as a mixture
makes one a good venture

the pieces of lessons composes your training
makes our life so thrilling
you know we are really gaining
and putting it into practice without waning

molding and guiding us is your mission
always prioritizing us first is your vision
which i can not ask for another version
completes the word ' MOTHER ' a perfect definition

Ashraful Musaddeq 07 June 2009

Amazing honor to mother, love this nice poem.10+++

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Ency Bearis 06 June 2009

a nice tribute to your mother..well narrated and presented well..great verses....10

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Yan Lee

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