Yan Lee

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.. The Story Of Us ..

is somehow tragic,
there is no real party
in interest
no cause of action

so to speak
as the rules of court
is just a suppletory character
and whenever practical
and convenient is concern
the taciturnity
of the unwavering scenario
is present

between you and me
makes no sense at all
as you have your own
whorl world
with a limited partnership
of condescending efforts
as i am just
a mere expectator

in your own amusement
your enjoying being with them
consternating doesn't substantiate
the matter
you tend to thwart
the evidences
and convince me
with your crocked principles
you have your own drama

which is more appealing
to the public
as your sentiments
are baneful disgust
sounding like a hero
in the chivalry
i can't take it anymore
the continuance of this
cycle is the domination
of this chivalry
can you just spare me?

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Yan Lee Popularity

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