It's Time To Burn Down The House Poem by Paul Amrod

It's Time To Burn Down The House

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Our chumsy chimpanzee, our DJ, our dilapidated # 45
has desperately attempted to keep his presidency alive.
Watching a row of tired dominoes simply clumsily collapse
regurgitating his stuttered phrases exhibiting handicaps.
Exactly how does a Saturday harlequin of Big Time Wrestling
run beauty pageants constantly conniving and embezzling?
Grinning with a smirk his status is highly grim and inadequate
nonetheless 75 million voted for him ignoring his flagellant
self-hatred with a substitute of a vociferous narcissism.
Our Ex-Prez decided to feed all an atrocious misinformation.
'Stop the Steal' although he has confessed doing the same action.
The Ex-Mayor with his trial by 'Combat' led the slate of false electors
thinking he was invincible from the FBI's lethally strong detectors.
Bannon, Meadows, Clark, Jordan, Jones and Kenneth J. Chesebro
have miscalculated their involvement and are lying in the ghetto.
Misusing their intelligence to appease the miserable Kentuckian,
a party leader obstructing the Senate ruling like no true countryman.
Filibustering as a last method of clinging to his preposterous power
weakened by a flamboyant jerk to trump up his concluding hour.
The monarch of Mar-a-Lago has added the party Speaker to his list
after he claimed DJ's responsibility for the coup although he still persists.
Avoiding his direct embroilment he and the RNC have started a censure
claiming Pelosi's Republicans are traitors to the cause for this adventure.
In the words of the future party chair Liz Cheney, these must be surely quoted
as her story is a patriotic one. To our Bill of Rights she is deeply devoted.
'Leaders of the Republican Party have made themselves willing hostages'
This has absolutely nothing to do with behaviour which is sadly partisan.
Donnie 'admits he tried to overturn a presidential election and suggests
he would pardon January 6th defendants' although many are under arrest.
'Some of whom have been charged with seditious conspiracy' this means
a sentencing for a possible 20 years which is no joke or bag of beans.
'I'm a constitutional conservative and I do not recognize my party
who have abandoned the Constitution to embrace Donald Trump. History
will be their judge'; so with these words of wisdom she closed her comment
wearing no garnished embellishments or regalia with her chosen garments.
Hence the only recourse our radical TV host has is to scream like a mouse.
He has chosen to affirm his guilt in red and will be burning down the house.

Paul Amrod

Paul Amrod

Chateaugay, New York
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