Jefferson Park Poem by rico avila

Jefferson Park

Rating: 4.8

Jefferson Park,
is where I used to play.
Baseball and basketball,
all hours of the day.

Through hot summer days,
and cold winter nights.
Through long lasting friendships,
and the occasional fights.

The park was our haven,
from the mean city streets.
a place to assemble,
and our problems defeat.

When I think back,
on those care free years.
Years without worries,
years without fears.

I want to return,
and see all my friends.
But some will not make it,
some cannot attend.

Some had to leave us,
for they wemt astray.
Now they're six under,
In a world of decay.

I cannot go back,
I cannot be selfish.
I'd drag others with,
for just one wish.

Some had it rough,
like my mother and father.
When times got to tough,
I ate cereal with water.

Since some can't go back,
and for others it'll be worse.
I will visit those times,
through this modest verse.

I can always revisit,
those days that I miss.
I'll just stop and remember,
think back, reminisce.

Azcuena Acosta 15 August 2009

i like this it reminds me of my youth

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Riya Riska 07 April 2009

Oh..Sorry 4 copiying dear Rico! Your poem drive me into some memory! Hope u wont mind. I love u.. Mmm..I mean Your poem! : -P

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Riya Riska 07 April 2009

Madiun park, Is where I used 2 play Singin n dancing all hours of the night n day Through sunny day or rainy night Through long lasting friendships N the bleeding fights Walk around the park the guitar's playing my voice's singing N just let my body dancing Collect the coins from them who sat there Legally Or forcely! The park was our haven A place to assemble N our problem defeat Or getting worsen When I think back on those years Years full of worries n fears I wont return back there Not now Not ever!

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C.R. Clark 16 January 2009

Sometimes the only way to go back is in our mind. I really like the poem. Well penned indeed, my friend. Best wishes. Richard

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