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Jesus In The Quran


Following is a compilation of the verses concerning JESUS in the QURAN

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

The first mention of Jesus is mentioned very early on in the Quran in the following passage;

We gave Moses the Book and followed him up with a succession of messengers; We gave Jesus the son of Mary Clear (Signs) and strengthened him with the Holy Spirit. Is it that whenever there comes to you a messenger with what ye yourselves desire not, ye are puffed up with pride? - Some ye called impostors, and others ye slay!
(Quran; Chap 2 verse87)

The following passage reminds us of the line of messengers of which jesus was a part, after mentioning Abraham, it continues;

. We gave him Isaac and Jacob: all (three) We guided: and before him, We guided Noah, and among his progeny, David, Solomon, Job, Joseph, Moses, and Aaron: thus do We reward those who do good:

85. And Zakariya and John, and Jesus and Elias: all in the ranks of the Righteous:

86. And Ismail and Elisha, and Jonah, and Lot: and to all We gave favor above the(other) nations(Chap 6. V 84-86)

And the list of messengers is by no means complete as the following passage states;

- - . Of some messengers We have already told thee the story; of others We have not; - and to Moses Allah spoke direct; -(Quran; Chap 4. V 164)

Infact Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) said that Jesus was one of the one hundred and twenty four thousand prophets, between whom there is no cause for conflict or argument. Allah tells his messengers in one passage of the Quran;

84. Say: 'We believe in Allah, and in what has been revealed to us and what was revealed to Abraham, Ismail, Isaac, Jacob, and the Tribes, and in (the Books) given to Moses, Jesus, and the Prophets, from their Lord: We make no distinction between one and another among them, and to Allah do we bow our will (in Islá­©.'
(Quran; Chap 3 V 84)

All prophets were sent with the same message as mentioned in the following passage;

7. And remember We took from the Prophets their Covenant: As from thee: from Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus the son of Mary: We took from them a solemn covenant:

8. That (Allah) may question the Truthful about their truthfulness: and He has prepared for the Unbelievers a grievous Penalty.(Quran; Chap 33 V.7-8)

51. O ye messengers! Enjoy (all) things good and pure, and work righteousness: for I am well-acquainted with (all) that ye do.

52. And verily this Ummah of yours is a single Ummah, and I am your Lord and Cherisher: therefore fear Me (and no other
(Quran; Chap 23 V.51-52)

13. The same religion has He established for you as that which He enjoined on Noah - the which We have sent by inspiration to thee - and that which We enjoined on Abraham, Moses, and Jesus: Namely, that ye should remain steadfast in religion, and make no divisions therein: to those who worship other things than Allah, hard is the (way) to which thou callest them. Allah chooses to Himself those whom He pleases, and guides to Himself those who turn (to Him)
(Quran; Chap 42 V.13)

The picture which unfolds is not of some remarkable man who appeared on earth as an isolated event in a chaotic world but of a messenger who like all other messengers was sent for his time and his age, a part of the ordered unfolding of the universe as mentioned in the following passage;

46. And in their footsteps We sent Jesus the son of Mary, confirming the Torah that had come before him: We sent him the Gospel: therein was guidance and light, and confirmation of the Torah that had come before him: a guidance and an admonition to those who fear Allah(Quran; Chap 5 V.46)

6. And remember, Jesus, the son of Mary, said: 'O Children of Israel! I am the messenger of Allah (sent) to you, confirming the Taurá´ (Law) (which came) before me, and giving Glad Tidings of a Messenger to come after me, whose name shall be Ahmad.' But when he came to them with Clear Signs, they said, 'This is evident sorcery! '
(Quran; Chap 61 V 6)

Jesus' conception and birth are mentioned in the Quran in great detail. it would be illuminating to begin with his mothers birth and upbringing as mentioned in the following passage;

35. Behold! a wife of IMRAN Said: 'O my Lord! I do dedicate into Thee what is in my womb for Thy special service: So accept this of me: For Thou hearest and knowest all things.'

36. When she was delivered, she said: 'O my Lord! Behold! I am delivered of a female child! '- and Allah knew best what she brought forth- 'And no wise is the male like the female. I have named her Mary, and I commend her and her offspring to Thy protection from Satan, the Rejected.'

37. Right graciously did her Lord accept her: He made her grow in purity and beauty: To the care of Zakariya was she assigned. Every time that he entered (her) chamber to see her, He found her supplied with sustenance. He said: 'O Mary! Whence (comes) this to you? ' She said: 'From Allah. for Allah provides sustenance to whom He pleases without measure.'

38. There did Zakariya pray to his Lord, saying: 'O my Lord! Grant unto me from Thee a progeny that is pure: for Thou art He that heareth prayer! '

39. While he was standing in prayer in the chamber, the angels called unto him: 'Allah doth give
thee glad tidings of Yahya(John) witnessing the truth of a Word from Allah, and (be besides) noble, chaste, and a prophet, - of the (goodly) company of the righteous.'

40. He said: 'O my Lord! How shall I have a son, seeing I am very old, and my wife is barren? ' 'Thus, ' was the answer, 'Doth Allah accomplish what He willeth.'

41. He said: 'O my Lord! Give me a Sign! ' 'Thy Sign, ' was the answer, 'Shall be that thou shalt speak to no man for three days but with signals. Then celebrate the praises of thy Lord again and again, and glorify Him in the evening and in the morning.'

(Quran; Chap 3 V.35-41)

The miraculous birth of Jesus is mentioned in the Chapter Mary

2. (This is) a mention of the Mercy of thy Lord to His servant Zakariya.

3. Behold! he cried to his Lord in secret,

4. Praying: 'O my Lord! infirm indeed are my bones, and the hair of my head doth glisten with gray: but never am I unblest, O my Lord, in my prayer to Thee!

5. 'Now I fear (what) my relatives (and colleagues) (will do) after me: but my wife is barren: so give me an heir as from Thyself, -

6. '(One that) will (truly) inherit me, and inherit the posterity of Jacob; and make him, O my Lord! one with whom Thou art well-pleased! '

7. (His prayer was answered) : 'O Zakariya! We give thee good news of a son: His name shall be YahyẠ(John) on none by that name have We conferred distinction before.'

8. He said: 'O my Lord! How shall I have a son, when my wife is barren and I have grown quite decrepit from old age? '

9. He said: 'So (it will be) thy Lord saith, 'That is easy for Me: I did indeed create thee before, when thou hadst been nothing! ' '

10. (Zakariya) said: 'O my Lord! give me a Sign.' 'Thy Sign, ' was the answer, 'Shall be that thou shalt speak to no man for three nights, although thou art not dumb.'

11. So Zakariya came out to his people from him chamber. He told them by signs to celebrate Allah's praises in the morning and in the evening.

12. (To his son came the command) : 'O John! take hold of the Book with might': and We gave him Wisdom even as a youth,

13. And pity (for all creatures) as from Us, and purity: He was devout,

14. And kind to his parents, and he was not overbearing or rebellious.

15. So Peace on him the day he was born, the day that he dies, and the day that he will be raised up to life (again) !

(Quran; Chap 19 V.2-15)

The story of the birth of Jesus is mentioned at two different places i n the Quran

42. Behold! the angels said: 'O Mary! Allah hath chosen thee and purified thee- chosen thee above the women of all nations.

43. 'O Mary! worship thy Lord devoutly: Prostrate thyself, and bow down (in prayer) with those who bow down.'

44. This is part of the tidings of the things unseen, which We reveal unto thee (O Messenger.) by inspiration: Thou wast not with them when they cast lots with pens (or arrows) , as to which of them should be charged with the care of Mary: Nor wast thou with them when they disputed (the point) .

45. Behold! the angels said: 'O Mary! Allah giveth thee glad tidings of a Word from Him: his name will be Christ Jesus, the son of Mary, held in honor in this world and the Hereafter and of (the company of) those nearest to Allah.'

46. 'He shall speak to the people in childhood and in maturity. And he shall be (of the company) of the righteous.'

47. She said: 'O my Lord! How shall I have a son when no man hath touched me? ' He said: 'Even so; Allah createth what He willeth: When He hath decreed a plan, He but saith to it, 'Be, ' and it is! '

48. 'And Allah will teach him the Book and Wisdom, the Torah and the Gospel, '

49. 'And (appoint him) as a messenger to the Children of Israel, (with this message) : ''I have come to you, with a Sign from your Lord, in that I make for you out of clay, as it were, the figure of a bird, and breathe into it, and it becomes a bird by Allah's leave: And I heal those born blind, and the lepers, and I bring the dead into life, by Allah's leave; and I declare to you what ye eat, and what ye store in your houses. Surely therein is a Sign for you if ye did believe;

50. ' '(I have come to you) , to attest the Torah which was before me. And to make lawful to you part of what was (Before) forbidden to you; I have come to you with a Sign from your Lord. So fear Allah, and obey me.

51. ' 'It is Allah Who is my Lord and your Lord; then worship Him. This is a Way that is straight.''

52. When Jesus found unbelief on their part he said: 'Who will be my helpers to (the work of) Allah? ' Said the disciples: 'We are Allah's helpers: We believe in Allah, and do thou bear witness that we are Muslims.'

53. 'Our Lord! we believe in what Thou hast revealed, and we follow the Messenger. then write us down among those who bear witness (Quran; Chap 3. V.42-53) .

The place where Jesus was born is mentioned in one other passage;

50. And We made the son of Mary and his mother as a Sign: We gave them both shelter on high ground, affording rest and security and furnished with springs

(Quran; Chap 23 V.50)

His childhood and early manhood are not mentioned. The response of the men who became his disciples is also described in the following passage;

14. O ye who believe! Be ye helpers of Allah: as said Jesus the son of Mary to the Disciples, 'Who will be my helpers to (the work of) Allah? ' Said the Disciples, 'We are Allah's helpers! ' then a portion of the Children of Israel believed, and a portion disbelieved: But We gave power to those who believed against their enemies, and they became the ones that prevailed. (Quran; Chap 61 V.14)

and again in detail in the following passages;

111. 'And behold! I inspired the Disciples to have faith in Me and Mine Messenger. They said, 'We have faith, and do thou bear witness that we bow to Allah as Muslims' '.

112. Behold! the Disciples, said: 'O Jesus the son of Mary! can thy Lord send down to us a Table set (with viands) from heaven? ' Said Jesus: 'Fear Allah, if ye have faith! '

113. They said: 'We only wish to eat thereof and satisfy our hearts, and to know that thou hast indeed told us the truth; and that we ourselves may be witnesses to the miracle.'

114. Said Jesus the son of Mary: 'O Allah our Lord! Send us from heaven a Table set (with viands) , that there may be for us - for the first and the last of us - a solemn festival and a sign from Thee; and provide for our sustenance, for Thou art the best Sustainer (of our needs) .'

115. Allah said: 'I will send it down unto you: But if any of you after that resisteth faith, I will punish him with a penalty such as I have not inflicted on any one among all the peoples.'

(Quran; Chap5 V.111-115)

When Jesus' teachings began to spread some accepted the guidance some did not as mentioned in the following passage;

57. When (Jesus) the son of Mary is held up as an example, behold, thy people raise a clamor thereat (in ridicule) !

58. And they say, 'Are our gods best, or he? ' This they set forth to thee, only by way of disputation: yea, they are a contentious people.

59. He was no more than a servant: We granted Our favor to him, and We made him an example to the Children of Israel.(Quran; Chapter 43 V,57-59)

Then, in their wake, We followed them up with (others of) Our messengers: We sent after them Jesus the son of Mary, and bestowed on him the Gospel; and We ordained in the hearts of those who followed him Compassion and Mercy. But the Monasticism which they invented for themselves, We did not prescribe for them: (We commanded) only the seeking for the Good Pleasure of Allah; but that they did not foster as they should have done. Yet We bestowed, on those among them who believed, their (due) reward, but many of them are rebellious transgressors

(Quran; Chap57.V.27)

The message he brought was simple as mentioned in the following passage;

63. When Jesus came with Clear Signs, he said: 'Now have I come to you with Wisdom, and in order to make clear to you some of the (points) on which ye dispute: therefore fear Allah and obey me.

64. 'For Allah, He is my Lord and your Lord: so worship ye Him: this is a Straight Way.'

(Quran Chap43 V.63-64)

His miracles are mentioned again in the following passage;

110. Then will Allah say: 'O Jesus the son of Mary! Recount My favor to thee and to thy mother. Behold! I strengthened thee with the Holy Spirit, so that thou didst speak to the people in childhood and in maturity. Behold! I taught thee the Book and Wisdom, the Torah and the Gospel. And behold! thou makest out of clay, as it were, the figure of a bird, by My leave, and thou breathest into it and it becometh a bird by My leave, and thou healest those born blind, and the lepers, by My leave. And behold! thou bringest forth the dead by My leave. And behold! I did restrain the Children of Israel from (violence to) thee when thou didst show them the Clear Signs, and the unbelievers among them said: 'This is nothing but evident magic.'

(Quran; Chap5. V 110)

The Quran denies that Jesus is the son of God in the following passage;

68. They say: 'Allah hath begotten a son! ' - Glory be to Him! He is Self- Sufficient! His are all things in the heavens and on earth! No warrant have ye for this! Say ye about Allah what ye know not?

(Quran; Chap 10.V.68)

55. Behold! Allah said: 'O Jesus! I will take thee and raise thee to Myself and clear thee (of the falsehoods) of those who blaspheme; I will make those who follow thee superior to those who reject faith, to the Day of Resurrection: Then shall ye all return unto Me, and I will judge between you of the matters wherein ye dispute.

56. 'As to those who reject faith, I will punish them with severe agony in this world and in the Hereafter, nor will they have anyone to help.'

57. 'As to those who believe and work righteousness, Allah will pay them (in full) their reward; but Allah loveth not those who do wrong.'

58. 'This is what we rehearse unto thee of the Signs and the Message of Wisdom.'

59. The similitude of Jesus before Allah is as that of Adam; He created him from dust, then said to him: 'Be'. And he was

(Quran; Chap 3. V.55-59)

116. They say: '(Allah) hath begotten a son': Glory be to Him.-Nay, to Him belongs all that is in the heavens and on earth: everything renders worship to Him.

117. The Originator of the heavens and the earth: When He decreeth a matter, He saith to it: 'Be, ' and it is.

(Quran; Chap 2. V116-117)

26. And they say: 'The Most Gracious has taken a son! ' Glory to Him! They are (but) servants raised to honor.

27. They speak not before He speaks, and they act (in all things) by His Command.

28. He knows what is before them, and what is behind them, and they offer no intercession except for those with whom He is well pleased, and they stand in awe and reverence of His (Glory) .

29. If any of them should say, 'I am a god besides Him', such a one We should reward with Hell: thus do We reward those who do wrong.

30. Do not the Unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together (as one unit of creation) , before we clove them asunder? We made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe?

(Quran; Chap 21.V.26-30)

88. They say: 'The Most Gracious has begotten a son! '

89. Indeed ye have put forth a thing most monstrous!

90. At it the skies are about to burst, the earth to split asunder, and the mountains to fall down in utter ruin,

91. That they attributed a son for the Most Gracious.

92. For it is not consonant with the majesty of the Most Gracious that He should beget a son.

93. Not one of the beings in the heavens and the earth but must come to the Most Gracious as a servant.

(Quran; Chap 19V.88-93)

The Quran denies the divinity of Jesus in the following passages;

They disbelieved indeed those that say that Allah is Christ the son of Mary. Say: 'Who then hath the least power against Allah, if His will were to destroy Christ the son of Mary, his mother, and every one that is on the earth? For to Allah belongeth the dominion of the heavens and the earth, and all that is between. He createth what He pleaseth. For Allah hath power over all things.'
(Quran; Chap5, V.17)

116. And behold! Allah will say: 'O Jesus the son of Mary! Didst thou say unto men, take me and my mother for two gods beside Allah.? ' He will say: 'Glory to Thee! never could I say what I had no right (to say) . Had I said such a thing, Thou wouldst indeed have known it. Thou knowest what is in my heart, Thou I know not what is in Thine. For Thou knowest in full all that is hidden.

117. 'Never said I to them aught except what Thou didst command me to say, to wit, 'Worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord'; and I was a witness over them whilst I dwelt amongst them; when Thou didst take me up Thou wast the Watcher over them, and Thou art a witness to all things.

118. 'If Thou dost punish them, they are Thy servant: If Thou dost forgive them, Thou art the Exalted in power, the Wise.'

(Quran; Chap 5.V116-118)

30. The Jews call UZAIR a son of Allah, and the Christians call Christ the son of Allah. That is a saying from their mouth; (in this) they but imitate what the unbelievers of old used to say. Allah's curse be on them: how they are deluded away from the Truth!

31. They take their priests and their anchorites to be their lords beside Allah, and (they take as their Lord) Christ the son of Mary; yet they were commanded to worship but One God. there is no god but He. Praise and glory to Him: (Far is He) from having the partners they associate (with Him) .

32. Fain would they extinguish Allah's Light with their mouths, but Allah will not allow but that His Light should be perfected, even though the Unbelievers may detest (it) .
(Quran; Chap 9.V30-32)

The Quran rejects the concept of Trinity in the following passage;

171. O People of the Book! Commit no excesses in your religion: Nor say of Allah aught but the truth. Christ Jesus the son of Mary was (no more than) a messenger of Allah, and His Word, which He bestowed on Mary, and a Spirit proceeding from Him: so believe in Allah and His messengers. Say not 'Three (Trinity) ': desist: it will be better for you: for Allah is One God. Glory be to Him: (far exalted is He) above having a son. To Him belong all things in the heavens and on earth. And enough is Allah as a Disposer of affairs.

172. Christ disdaineth not to serve and worship Allah, nor do the angels, those nearest (to Allah) : those who disdain His worship and are arrogant, -He will gather them all together unto Himself to (answer) .

173. But to those who believe and do deeds of righteousness, He will give their (due) rewards, - and more, out of His bounty: But those who are disdainful and arrogant, He will punish with a grievous chastisement; Nor will they find, besides Allah, any to protect or help them.

(Quran; Chap 4. V171-173)

The Quran denies the Crucification of Jesus but affirms the ascension in the following passage;

157. That they said (in boast) , 'We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah.'; - But they killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them, and those who differ therein are full of doubts, with no (certain) knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety they killed him not: -

158. Nay, Allah raised him up unto Himself; and Allah is Exalted in Power, Wise; -

(Quran; Chap 4. V157-158)


72. Certainly they disbelieve who say: 'Allah is Christ the son of Mary.' But said Christ: 'O Children of Israel! worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord.' Whoever joins other gods with Allah, - Allah will forbid him the Garden, and the Fire will be his abode. There will for the wrong-doers be no one to help.

73. They disbelieved who say: Allah is one of three (in a Trinity) : for there is no god except One God. If they desist not from their word (of blasphemy) , verily a grievous chastisement will befall the disbelievers among them.

74. Why turn they not to Allah, and seek His forgiveness? For Allah is Oft- forgiving, Most Merciful.

75. Christ the son of Mary was no more than a messenger; many were the messengers that passed away before him. His mother was a woman of truth. They had both to eat their (daily) food. See how Allah doth make His signs clear to them; yet see in what ways they are deluded away from the truth!

(Quran; Chap 5.V72-75)

253. Those messengers We endowed with gifts, some above others: To one of them Allah spoke; others He raised to degrees (of honor): to Jesus the son of Mary We gave clear (Signs) , and strengthened him with the Holy Spirit. If Allah had so willed, succeeding generations would not have fought among each other, after clear (Signs) had come to them, but they (chose) to wrangle, some believing and others rejecting. If Allah had so willed, they would not have fought each other; but Allah Does what he wills.

(Quran Chap 2. V253)

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