Jesus Was Not Born In Bethlehem Poem by Mary Lamb

Jesus Was Not Born In Bethlehem

Part 1
when the Jews returned from Babylon,
genealogies disappear.
hence from 500 years before Jesus,
there are no genealogies,
but the Gospels got plenty of shameful politics.

Jesus has no genealogy, just sad puffery.

Jesus wasn't born in Bethlehem, that's just politics again.

also, the location of the Jewish Tuesday Cana wedding
was somewhere north of Jerusalem, but it is not known where this was nor is.

Part 2
Temptation of Christ
The Romans where everywhere,
so they would have witnessed Jesus chit chatting with devil man,
but the location is described as a desert, so this would be south of Beersheba

Part 3 Nazareth
Jesus didn’t grow up in Nazareth, Nazareth wasn’t a town during his days.
The location was assigned centuries later, and in a whim
He grew up in the Galilee, that’s the only thing that is known.
So perhaps he grew up in Israel’s northern places.
Cana, the Jewish wedding, no one knows where this is nor was.
No one knows
No one knows.

The only thing that is known, is the puffery of the Gospels glorifies him.

Jesus hates us Christians, we turn him into a fake
So we are the fake

Jesus wants truth, so let there be truth



some of the Gospels were written perhaps 100 years after Jesus,
and further altered and further tweaked, to further glorify

Constantine, He altered the Gospels to please his ego.
this makes the Gospels, even more fake

December 25 is the 'birthday' of the Roman Mithra.
Jesus is modeled after Constantine's Mithra.
so Christmas was invented later, to compete with Mithra popularity
so Christmas is all about Mithra
Merry indeed.


at that time of Jesus, and afterwards,
the Romans were murdering the Jews, and crucifying so many Jews.

the only way for the Christians, to not be the target of murderous Roman attention, was for Christians, to create a Caesar son of god figure
that would please the Romans,
and for the Christians to falsely demonize the Jews,
that evil Romans viewed as their enemy.

so the Jews got a bum wrap.
they were demonized in the Gospels,
because of the cowardice of Christians, because of the sick politics.

so this makes the Gospels, even more false.

Jesus hates us, for what the Christians did,

the gospels have dead Moses and dead Elijah's, 'praising' Jesus as son of god.
this is IMPOSSIBLE because there is no son of God in Judaism.
Moses and Elijah, from the grave, would never resurrect,
to speak with Jesus, with concepts that contradict Judaism.

since Jesus represents concepts that contradict Judaism,
it's IMPOSSIBLE that the Bible could 'foretell' the 'son of god'
because in Judaism there isn't such concepts.

the words quoted from pre-Jesus Jewish writings, to 'prophecize' Jesus
are just quoted out of context. it's so BS

so, this proves, that us Christians are fake.

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