Join My Party Poem by Parwin Jadan

Join My Party

Join my party

Oh, all is black at a jester's graveyard
but the breathes of hygienic breeze
Reliving me awaken a vigor
to join the others for a party
Everyone think I am isolated but poor folks
Doesn't know my pleasures my jollies
I am saunter no shoes in my bare foot
But I can feel the warmth of the cracked rime
No wine but cup of chilly water
Enchanted me I toddle as candle flame
Telling the wanton cemetery
All about your Gorgeous laughing sharp looks

Mull over your face on the rime
Make me bizarre
They are very interested in hearing me
Astonished so much
In a way the don't say anything not even moving
At a dark spot, other things appear
Our plays are very funny
Not like others chatting
Joining hand like the roots of plants
Eating the flower jam
Ginger cake of the last year
From who get bored of it
Everything it is useless to them
For us is loot
It doesn't matter what we wear
Cause no one see the second one
For the diamond and pearl people
The burly brightness is a big deal

Lights of stars music of the insect
Singing their morning melodies
What a work? Who get married, what they dream of?
Other bugs sing for her baby to sleep
What I see is the coffee's trace in the cup
I suggested, dancing as a Hooper
Tree's laughs secretly
Moving around your mansion as a little worm
Smashed up by your snooty guards
The dilemma is the bigger kill the smaller
But look what is the most powerful is the
Small who invade inside like the virus can damage bit by bit
As much I am rejected I have my buddies
Excites me in their calmness
They prepared for me hot cup of tea
Leaves of mint sailing as a boat
Toast for laugh and cry, my good lord

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