Journey Of Life Poem by mithilesh yadav

Journey Of Life

Journey of life
From chest to heart till the inner-sense

But in between of each of these
Lies a deep, big oceans

oceans of world population
attachment and relation
love and retaliation
hard to find God for God's own creation

sailing day and night this raft
being in between this web spread like a shaft
narrow and sleek my mind swings
unable to understand the creators craft

ocean of being of humans is vast
chaos of people, knowledge of mast
millions languages, a billion feelings
difficult to understand creeds and casts

created by one, but differentiated in many
oh it is tough journey believe me honey
nothing you earn till now will ease it
all is waste in this journey your gold and money

your raft is small and oceans are large
only possible way is hands of god
which is offered in return of your deeds
so believe in good and justify your deeds

so that god sails your raft through this ocean
so that you become love of your creator
so that you can reach to your heart and inner sense
so that you can complete your journey..... journey of life

Friday, December 23, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: god,inner peace,self discovery
Edward Kofi Louis 23 December 2016

Complete your journey in peace. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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