Just Thirty With Hundred Gods. Poem by mithilesh yadav

Just Thirty With Hundred Gods.

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I am thirty
experienced as hundred.....

thirty years and hundred poems....

each poem resembling an year of development
An era of time to bring a change
A revolution of thoughts which some time
people take whole life to evolve.....

yes just thirty with hundred ways of life

each way a way of life in itself
like a hundred life lived by one
hundreds of time died with sorrow
hundreds of time taking birth of hope...

yes just thirty with hundred minds

thinking several time of what millions think
planning several time what billions need
coming out with ideas how trillions life will change
serving the humanity healing mother world's pain ...

yes just thirty with hundred pains

each one not just for me myself
but with unselfishness accepted from every one met
pains of those who were know and unknown to me
May be many will think what a useless person i am to be....

but just thirty with hundred allegations

allegations to be with needy ones
allegations to be against the greedy ones
allegations to be true and loyal for some
honored many time to be mad and leading a life of exile....

but just thirty with hundred rejections

rejections from the loved ones
rejections from the people who were wrong
rejections from all who failed to accept
rejections from me to myself someway.....

but just thirty with hundred gods

yes those are my gods as i produced them after long worship
after hard worship of truth and ethics
long i worshiped love and humanity
and after such a long worship i shaped each poems of mine

yes i am just thirty with hundred poems.

Monday, November 28, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: goddess,poem,poetry,worship
Akhtar Jawad 30 November 2016

A great poem with an universal message.............................

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Mithilesh Yadav 30 November 2016

Sukriya babajaan

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M Asim Nehal 29 November 2016

It is an achievement to celebrate and is not less by any means, May you write many more poems and entertain, enlight and share your views....

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Abhilasha Bhatt 28 November 2016

Congratulations for the 100th poem.....a best worship is poetry for a poet....loved it :)

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