Just Poem by Rose Marie Cook


Rating: 5.0

I smile just
To hide the tears
Just to distract
You from all my hurt

I laugh just
To forget what life's really like
Just to escape reality
For a brief moment

I act happy just
To stop you from asking questions
Just so you will keep your distance
And not think twice

I look at you just
To remind myself that it's just another day
Just to suffer on
And get through another hour

I cry just
To let myself free
Just to let it all out
Before anyone sees

I write just
To tell how I feel
Just to have a record
That you can look at when I'm gone

I talk just
To see who will talk back
Just to know who
I'd be hurting

I cut just
To get through my day
Just to survive
It's my haven

I'd die just
To see who would miss me
Just to see who cared
And realize who was there

I love just
To feel that moment of joy
Just to feel my heart break
And shatter to the ground over again

I live just
To see you again
Just to make you happy
So I know you're ok

I kiss just
To feel the magic
Just to give you pleasure
To know I changed your choice

I call just
To prove I care
Just so you know who's there
That you're everything to me

I give my heart just
To see what you'll do
Just to let you know
I'd die for you

I speak just
To hope I say something to make a difference
Just to save your life
So I can have you by my side

Varanasi Ramabrahmam 27 August 2009

Justness is oozing out from the 'just' expression.

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Meghan Stewart 26 August 2009

such a poweful poem. Great job. keep up the good work.

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