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I am the stream, I am the rivulet
I am the river flowing to the east or the west, south or north
I am the sea, I am the ocean
I am the delightful union of the river and the ocean;


Varied and not unique is nature of time, like Divinity;
Time and Divinity are equally incomprehensible but understandable too;

Time is the flow of events minding its own business

God belongs to whom?
To the fundamentalist, devotee, or to whom He belongs?
And belongs He only to the religion?
Religions hijacked by barbarians are

When my mind merges with my SELF
Who am I? What is my Being?

Friendships and passions no more stir

The flow of my poesy is a hill-stream
Never will she run dry.

Born in the hills of my heart

I learn, I teach;
I study, I preach;
I compose poems, weave stories,
Write essays, pen opinions;

Some formulate equations to electromagnetism
Some others equate mass and energy
Some compose poetry and some others music
Some paint, some sculpt, some play games, some reach peaks

Memory defeats passage of time

Hurts and pains enliven passed times and events
In the form of aches, and rarely are enlivened pleasant experiences had;

Good Bye! To you my Dear Books,
Good Bye to you my intimate friends;

To you, who have taught me alphabet to vast knowledge

War is a complex human activity
Insurgence is its most complex variant;
Citizens are made to flee their homes
Forced to pass days in refugee camps;

The twentieth century marvel and peneaca for human suffering,
That was widely perceived to rid human race of exploitation by fellow humans
And uplift the downtrodden and the have nots, got disgraced,
And thrown out from the land of its birth and lands of experimentation

Radha is experiencing sweet painful aches
Is in amorous mood and is teased by three naughty Lords

Moon, the Lord of the night sky

America, Europe and Asia are continents;
The first two interfere devastatingly in the third one's affairs;

Historical accidents helped

Pleasant verses like shining stars
Sensing you as very charming
Are attracted to you, the full moon of beauty!
And are with you entertaining you with their radiance;

I recently had a delightful conversation with Lord Krishna, the eighth incarnation of Lord Maha Vishnu.
The conversation has been in a dialogue form and the same is presented below.
The conversation did not take place in a particular order.
* * * *

When we first meet
Our heart is filled
With pleasantness and joy
And a feeling of nearness pervades us

Words make friends
Words make enemies

Words hurt

It is a popular belief that Upanishads are texts of theology and religion. But Upanishads are also texts of science. How? Please go through this article.

Upanishads are treasure-houses of Indian spirituality and wisdom. They together with The Brahma Sutras and The Bhagavadgita are traditionally commented upon theologically linking to God and hence religion. Thus we have advaita view of Sankara, , visistaadvaita view of Ramanuja, dvaita view of Madhwa and Saaktaadvaita view as chief and popular views and sects are created around each of them. Vedanta Darsana and advaita siddhanta have their roots in the Upanishads.

[1] With the jasmine flowers of my emotion, the blue lotuses of my mind
With the champaka flowers of blissful memories, the coral of a voice sweet with honey
Do I adorn – my heart, a lotus, acts as the channel –
The purple-green goddess, enchanting with the overpowering scent of her hair.

Varanasi Ramabrahmam Biography

Dr Varanasi Ramabrahmam is a post-graduate in physics and doctorate in life sciences; he is proficient in Telugu (mother tongue) , English, Hindi, Sanskrit, German and French. He has been writing poetry and short-fiction in Telugu, English, and Sanskrit. Some of his poetry and short stories are published. He has done many translations of short-stories into Telugu from many Indian languages through medium of Sanskrit and they are all published in Vipula a Telugu monthly. The copy right for all postings lies with the poet only. He teaches physics in Post-Graduate Center at Pondicherry. He has literary, scientific and philosophic interests. He is currently engaged in research in the modern scientific interpretation of Upanishadic insight and has published interesting papers in International journals and presented his work in many national and international conferences. His Sanskrit poetry with English translation and related articles can be browsed and viewed at https: //

The Best Poem Of Varanasi Ramabrahmam

I Am

I am the stream, I am the rivulet
I am the river flowing to the east or the west, south or north
I am the sea, I am the ocean
I am the delightful union of the river and the ocean;

I am the hills, I am the valleys, I am the peaks of the mountains;
I am the plants, I am the trees piercing the earth,
I am the black clouds, I am the incessant down pour,
I am the deafening thunder, I am the blinding lightening

I am the Sun, I am the Illumination,
I am the moon, I am the pleasant moonlight,
I am the earth holding all life and all the moving and stationary;
I am the green fields, I am the red flames

I am the flowers full of honey,
I am the sound made by the bees sucking honey;

I am the stone, I am the rock, I am the ravishing beauty of youthful women,
I am the insect, I am the reptile, I am the delightful flow of poetry,
I am the bird, I am the Man, I am the consort of the Nature;

I am the planets, I am the revolutions of planets,
I am the universe, I am the cosmos,
I am the form of all worlds,
I am the holder of the universe in me;

I am the knower, I am the known,
I speak, I understand;

I am the frolic play of boys and girls,
I am the amorous feelings of the youth,
I am the beautiful smiles of the infants and the aged;

All the nature, planets, stars, universe, celestial worlds, cosmos
Are originating, growing and dissolving in me;

I am the liberty, I am the independence
I am the peace, I am the glow of all life;

Such I am

Can not be caged
By castes, religions, languages, regions, nationalities,
Ideologies, cultures, cults, isms or fanatic slogans;

Even though arrows are pierced through me,
Swords cut me into pieces; bullets make my body and heart a sieve
Bombs scatter my body parts; tanks roll over me and make me a paste,
Kings, Emperors, Rulers, fanatic religious heads, Caste leaders,
Champions of ideology though stand in rows
Can not bind me;

All the efforts to annihilate me
Will be consumed by the flames of
My fiery nature

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Prasada Varma Kamarushi 06 April 2018

Sir, If you dont mind send your postal address, I wish to send you a book for your perusal. my whatsup No.94412 74034

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Varanasi Ramabrahmam Quotes

Silence is mental quietude. Mind is solitary and is resting then. Resting mind is nothing but the Self. Atman. Brahman.

Indian spirituality is psychology based on physiology.

The Physical Time Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam Any two events or processes cannot take place simultaneously if a physical time flowing seperately and independent of such events or processes, as envisaged by Newton, does not exist. Physical time flowing associated with an event or process is always together with event or process and never exists seperately. Physical time needs an event or process, to be and is exclusively unique to that event or process.

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Varanasi Ramabrahmam Popularity

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