Just A Flower? Poem by Herbert Nehrlich

Just A Flower?

Rating: 2.8

A most unusual flower,
of colours, oh so bright.
A tropical rainshower,
an early morning flight.

A bird of clammy feathers,
a nest up in a tree.
I wondered if this weather's
intended just for me.

A jumbo jet was starting,
a Cessna flying low.
The luggage men were carting
essentials to and fro.

And check-in was proceeding,
I started up the ramp.
Technicians started bleeding
some air into the damp.

When suddenly a flower,
of colours, oh so bright,
so scrumptious at this hour,
I wondered if I might
just have a further look see
at this exotic beauty.
And this is what then took me
so far away from duty.

You see, she was so pretty,
how could a man resist.
If I'd never leave the city
they'd strike me off the list.

And, at this point I knew
no birds, no planes, no rain
Which was the short end of the stick?
So, stay for love or take the plane?

And kneeling on the muddy ground,
my British pants had style.
I felt as if at last I'd found
the Jewel of the Nile.

So I remained a little while
to ascertain what had transpired.
Was it her most exquisite smile?
I miss my plane - I will get fired.

When all the petals winked at me,
the core then opened for my eyes,
and glistened and invited me,
I thought about it long and deep.
Temptation was my very breath.
If I could pick her now to keep
I would have life - she would have death.

So, very gently I reached out
and touched her once,
caressed her even.
Not knowing what this was about
but feeling that I'd soon be leaving.

Confided, talked to her, it's true.
Called her a 'scrumptious little dish'.
It's not the usual thing I do,
but looking at her...oh I wish!

She's all I ever want for me,
but I can't have her now,
I know.
'Cause if I picked her,
broke her free:
We'd have no life.
only a show.

And ten years later,
to the hour,
I happened to be near,
I went to see that pretty flower.
Perhaps she would be there.

The planes, the birds -
it even rained!
Yes everything was just the same.
The landscape had been well-maintained
and I now warmed up to this game.

A few more steps. Would she re-call?
And would she flash a smile as well?
Would on my knees I go (or fall) ?
One can't be sure, one cannot tell.

So, quickly I put on my glasses.
I need them to see little Belles.
There were a million plants and grasses,
She had gone with someone else.

Herbert Nehrlich1 24 November 2004

Yes, I think you may be right. Re-reading my own poem I received an innate signal plus an exogenous one to my lacrimal apparatus, so I may have to re-invent the ending. I must admit I prefer Happy Ends.

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Lenchen Elf 24 November 2004

Lovely poem H, perhaps she had not gone with someone else but lived her natural cycle and returned to the earth?

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