10 Haikus And Some Wisdom Poem by Herbert Nehrlich

10 Haikus And Some Wisdom

Rating: 2.2

Hand in hand
hand in it
it in hand
it in it.
Tongue in cheek
tongue in it
it on tongue
it in it.

Walk along with me
thinking of your underwear
is it boxershorts?

It is alkaline
care needs to be taken though
that jeans are noble.

It is a wonder
that no one likes the mothers
and does God know this?

Once a world power
they had illusions only
they do mean nothing.

On Hitler's birthday
they chanted filthy slogans
the Pope a Nazi.

His name was Clinton
he placed his crooked member
where no one ought to.

A friend named Yeltsin
he likes his vodka bottle
and dances Polka.

I am a racist
I like to step and stomp on
the fly-by pedal.

A dog named Adolf
he was the undertaker
for many roaches.

A cat named Lucy
she was so pseudo-pregnant
we named her Mamma.

O Anna Niemus 10 July 2008

Dear Herbert, I am an advocate of cockroach rights and of human rights Can you name 1 person that Hitler killed whom you consider a roach?

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I enjoyed this poem immensely.I can't read German.Could you please translate into English? Thanks.

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Pradeep Dhavakumar 01 May 2005

Your haikus, today as well as those submitted a week ago are very wittty.I never liked haikus that much but after reading yours, I am beginning to like them.Well done and keep writing Haikus inbetween.Thank for this, Herbert.

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Herbert Nehrlich1 01 May 2005

Thank you Pradeep. That beautiful and talented angel from Western Australia got me interested in Haiku. I do think it is childishly easy to create them. But, as with limericks, some people are having a hard time. H

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Herbert Nehrlich1 01 May 2005

Sir Ali, it is an offence to not capitalise the word Hun. The big battle was in 451. Attila was a relative. Thank you for your support H

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Colleen Courtney 29 April 2014

Ten greats by Nehrlich!

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 14 June 2010

‘Hand in hand/hand in it/it in hand/it in it./Tongue in cheek/tongue in it/it on tongue/it in it’…. Ingenious…word and concept juggling …like a Haiku Maestro Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10

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Gillena Cox 28 November 2009

very interesting; your haiku lean to the area of senryu

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I meant some of your other ones.Is your The Athiest and The Grizzley bear in your collection yet?

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Herbert Nehrlich1 05 November 2008

German? Ehhhhh? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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