A Bumblebee Turns Gay Poem by Herbert Nehrlich

A Bumblebee Turns Gay

Rating: 2.9

There was a little bumblebee
he went down on his bumble knee
and told the queen that he was gay
this message caused her much dismay
new friend remarked 'you humble me'.

The queen said, listen, bumblebee
I will not let you wander free
your work is here and you must breed
to plant in me that precious seed
lest all your steps a stumble be.

So bumblebee did stumble free
got off his little bumbleknee
and hand in hand with his new lover
took to the air, briefly to hover
their wings a constant mumble, see?

And both our poofter bumblebees
had taken with them rumble keys
the queen sent kamakazi drones
to apprehend and smash their bones
so they became two tumblebees.

Stuart Mason 23 October 2005

Genius! Loving the brave(and successful) attempts at several triple rhymes with bumblebee. Wonder that the inspiration was?

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Mahnaz Zardoust-Ahari 06 September 2005

oh how sweet.....good write Herbert!

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dissatified exmember 05 March 2005

A most delightful hummer. This is a 10 to infinity. Hugs Jan

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Allan James Saywell 22 February 2005

Well herbert i didn't know your cared, just because where both straight those woman allways stirring, making trouble, making me say naughty things all the time especially that irish bird Warm regards my friend allan

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Herbert Nehrlich1 22 February 2005

Michael, please ask Sonja to be present when I pair up with Allan. Thanks for being observant AND helpful. H

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kamiel choi 06 March 2018

Some great inventions, I like lest all your steps a stumble be.

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Douglas Scotney 26 July 2015

Not much of a thinker, that queen. More a spoil-sport.

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wow. A persuasive personification...

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Paul Amrod 26 July 2015

Hi Hernert, This a great kick. I had to laugh out loud. Thak you so much for this moment of cheeriness, Paul

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A Poet's Poet, brilliant Bard, and Lord of Limericks, you were, H....and so many of us miss you, myself very included...And it's around this time each year since 2012, that the memories of our many conversations, poetry sharing, and the chaos the 2 of us always managed to conjure up in the old PH Forum...tag-teaming up to oust the dreck & dross while still finding time to post the good stuff! Ole' buddy...I know you are still watching over your friends, and your beautiful soul mate who will never stop missing you. So, on your upcoming 3rd Anniversary... Herbert Nehrlich I will simply say, as you'd have it no other way...'Until we meet again & write again in that Golden Forum beyond space and time...Adieu, but just for now....Frank

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