'Just A Kid' Poem by Heaven's Authority

'Just A Kid'

Just a kid here you see.
Just a kid playing three-
Just a kid out at sea...
Just a kid in all honesty.

Just a kid on a bridge.
Just a kid by the ridge.

I'm just a kid, please! Let me be!

Just a kid with no money,
just a kid eating honey.
Just a kid fancying dreams.
Just a boy needing hugs.
Just a girl needing tugs.
Just us kids needing love-

Were just kids can't you see?

Just a kid on our own.
Just a kid wanting a home-
just a kid in homeless bones.

Just us kids who lost our souls.
Just us kids by the walls.
Just us kids standing tall.
Just us kids walking empty halls.
​Just us kids echoing the thaw.

Just us kids and nothing more-

Just us kids with no voices-
Just us kids with no choices-
Were just kids,
were only numbers.
Were just kids passed by axes right after taxes.
Were just kids-
Dose anything matter?

Just a kid always trying.
Just a kid always crying.

Just a kid when were young.
Just a kid when were old.
Just a kid when were told.

Just a kid wanting love.
Just us kids in-front of us.
Just us kids no matter what.

Just a kid passing Summer.
Just a kid cold in Winter.
Just a kid running with Spring.
Just a kid falling in Fall.

Were just kids after all!


Just a kid on the front news papers-

All this time; and were still just kids.

Saturday, January 30, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: compassion,kid,kids,love
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