Just A Thought

Rating: 2.8

My last few poems have been pretty dull,
All this self pity,
Quite unlike me,
It's not all bad,
Every now and then i get a taste of the old ways,
The happy days,
So i souldn't complain,
Loving family, great friends, a future leading anywhere,
All these things are going for me,
So really,
Things are good.

Lily Espinosa 04 June 2005

Oh my, you really are on fire! This isn't a poem is it? ..Could that be why i called it 'just a thought'? I don't know about you, but as a rule my thoughts do not include imagery, metaphors or similes..but hey. Thats just me.

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Raynette Eitel 02 June 2005

Glad you're feeling better...but still this is not a poem. (sorry to say.) This is reflective prose. Try some imagery, metaphors, similes, anything that will take this away from the route of prose. Raynette

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Lily Espinosa 31 May 2005

Well i've written so much depressing stuff lately, i was beginning to bring myself down! ..Thanks by the way.

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Graham Leese 31 May 2005

I can imagine writing something like this myself, well done on your latest output.

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